Modern warfare has changed, so why haven’t firstperson shooters?

EDGE: " I’ve stabbed people in the throat, chest and head, trapped someone in a room full of nerve gas, filled a man’s mouth with broken glass and thumped him, hanged someone else, and machine gunned holidaymakers in an airport. But then I’ve also stopped several Russian invasions, destroyed two nuclear missiles and won the Second World War. I’m not sure whether if you could punch all those pluses and minuses into an omniscient ethics calculator I’d come out as good, bad or perhaps some happy medium – maybe on the karmic level of a milkman. But then, in these recent Call Of Dutys, you’re not supposed to ask that. As far as they and the vast majority of modern, hyper-successful shooters are concerned, you are a clear-cut hero, fighting the good fight by any means possible."

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