Metal Slug Anthology 'Wii-control' movie

Metal Slug Anthology will be available when the Wii launches. Here is a movie about the gameplay and controlsystem on the Wii.

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ChickeyCantor4464d ago

different ways 2 play metal slug :D!
even Gamecube controller support( watch closely in the control menu when "arcade" comes up) :D

PS360WII4462d ago

This is great! So many different ways to play this game now. Talk about high replay value!

Sphinx4462d ago

...something I can play with the wife!

Asylumchild4461d ago

is this a $50 game or a arcade game for $5-$10?

ChickeyCantor4461d ago

its a fullpacked game so it will gost like 50 bucks...

do know that they put almost all series in it.
and i remember each serie that was released just cost as all the other games

Asylumchild4461d ago

Thanks man thats crazy though that its $50 it looks like a n64 game or somthing not like a good grafic game like metriod,zelda,red steel, ect. I thought it was an arcade game the controle scheme looks sweet though

ThomasDaGamer4461d ago

It's based on the metal slug series (arcade), so I'd say graphics aren't going to be a strong point.

ChickeyCantor4460d ago

its a port of all the arcade games, if you buy all the series, it will cost you way more.

so 50 for 6 games in 1 is great thing