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morkendo5094d ago

be nice able to play DARIUS BURST,R-TYPE SHOOTER,GRADIUS 6 on ps3 or ps2

5089d ago

Upcoming Metal Slug Mobile Game Drops High-Octane Gameplay Reveal Trailer

SNK has teamed up with TiMi Studio Group, a subsidiary of Tencent Games, to bring back Metal Slug as a mobile game--and it looks awesome!

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CrimsonWing69932d ago

hopefully there will be a console port. I don't know what it is with mobile, but I can't even stand playing console ports on the phone. I'm not saying that some (very few) mobile games aren't good, it's just the platform itself that I can't stand playing games on.

Einhander1971929d ago

This needs a Switch release now!! Not mobile phones 😒

SickSinceSix929d ago

Was just playing Metal Slug 3 yesterday, one of the best game series imo


SNK MVSX Home Arcade: The games, price, dimensions, release date

SNK is releasing a new arcade cabinet this fall called the MVSX Home Arcade. We have details on what you can expect, including a full list of games and the price.

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blackbeld1186d ago

I like it...... but too expensive. Games are old.

Master of Unlocking1186d ago

Funny that a bar-top arcade cabinet made by SNK that aims to recreate "the nostalgic NeoGeo MVS arcade" as it is put, would have a 2x3 button layout that clearly makes it oriented to Street Fighter II and III gamers. All those King of Fighters games that come with the product are going to be hard to play without the signature NG lined-up-four-button layout.
Another proof that SNK now is a mere shadow of its former self.

Stanjara1186d ago

Everybody is going for that 499$ price. Hmmmmm.....

specialguest1185d ago

A 17 inch screen is too small. I used to build table top arcades and it's possible to make it a 20 inch screen


Metal Slug crossover kicks off in Jetpack Joyride today

There’s a limited-time crossover celebrating Metal Slug in Jetpack Joyride. The in-game event runs for three weeks.

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