10 Rare and Collectible PSP Games

PSP World writes:

"Video game collecting is not just a hobby for completionist dorks any more. More and more gamers are starting to see their favorite pastime as a potential investment, as the popularity of old games means that certain titles are in less and less supply. The older and more obscure a gaming system, the better chance that its more sought after titles will fetch a high price on Ebay or other auction sites. "

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clinker5720d ago

I... don't have any of the games on this list. Time to hit up eBay!

Montrealien5719d ago (Edited 5719d ago )

Number 1 on the list is Moto GP for the PsP and he has this to say about it...

(We never did get the promised Gran Turismo on PSP, but the Polyphony team did see fit to throw us a different bone – a PSP version of their motorcycle racing game. )

Did I miss something? since when is Tourist Trophy on the PsP and when did it become Moto GP?

This is my wtf quote of the day

(Unless Sony issues a re-print of this title, expect it to be one of the rarest of PSP racing games. New copies regularly go for $80 on Ebay.)

Moto GP on the PSp is 16$ Buy ow on Eay

Tourist Trophy on the PS2 is 10$ buy now on Ebay.

Montrealien5719d ago


and here is is used for 16$

still does not change the fact that it is not portable tourist trophy, did you write this top ten?

paul-p19885719d ago

i only have MGS: Digital Graphic Novel from that list, and its the american version coz i bought it from Ebay (i live in the UK). So, at least i have 1 lol

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LeonSKennedy4Life5720d ago

If by rare and collectible, they mean...20 bucks at Gamestop...then, yes. These are all rare and collectible.

clinker5719d ago (Edited 5719d ago )

If you can find a copy of the Metal Gear Graphic Novel for $20 at your local mall, I will gladly take it off your hands for $30. Same goes for Generation of Chaos.

Millah5719d ago

Umm nah man, collectibles are very rarely gonna be found at Gamestop. Lol you obviously don't understand the concept of collectibles. If you actually do find a rare game at Gamestop, they know its value, and they will probably charge more than 20 dollars for it.

Millah5720d ago (Edited 5720d ago )

The thing is to get these games while they're still in production...not to get that after they've already become rare.

I've got a pretty large collection probably worth thousands on ebay, games from every single system that are rare and worth money. Like Panzer Dragoon Saga, which I bought when it came out at Toysrus for 5 bucks brand new, never opened it and its now probably worth a few hundred dollars on ebay. It was on clearance because the Sega Saturn had pretty much died right when the game came out, which is why I got it for so cheap.

Innocent Life and the NIS title are the only games I could see on that list becoming collectibles. Harvest Moon games have always been collectibles in the past because of the cult following, only recently has the series gotten more mainstream attention and thus more games being produced. But since Innocent Life has remained mostly obscure and has a very limited production, this game will most definitely become worth more in the future. I already have a copy of this game and its still untouched factory sealed!

Montrealien5719d ago

Dont forget Moto GP, the portalbe version of Tourist Trophy, also known as Moto GP, made by Polyphony Digital. That would be a collectible! If it existed!;D

memots5719d ago

I got the game but i lost the casing ..

Wonder how much that is worth :P

It is a pretty good game, Does feel realistic and the psp control isnt hat great if you play this game for over 30 minutes my hands started to hurt. Nothing beats a good old gamepad.

No FanS Land5719d ago

not completely related: On ps3, there's the "uncensored" version of LBP that can fetch high prices.

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Fullmetalevolust2054d ago

The switch is also another portable NeoGeo, lots of incredible games on it. If you like old school beat them ups and fighting games, as well shoot them ups, it's the place to be. The Vita will go down as an incredible piece of tech that got overlooked. Still playing mine to this day.


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LordMaim2933d ago

For seven games and a theme, that's pretty damn cheap at $20

CorndogBurglar2933d ago

Considering that Mega Man Legacy Edition only comes with 6 games and is $5 cheaper.

But then again this has one more game and a theme.....so I guess they are pretty close in value.

Retroman2933d ago

Glad i already own "Metal Slug Anthology" ps2