Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z Preview [Plus XP]

Garvaos from Plus XP writes "Since 2004 the Ninja Gaiden games have seen Ryu Hyabusa take on hordes of demons in order to save the world. This year at Gamescom the next game in the Ninja Gaiden franchise was announced, Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z, which sees players control the part ninja part cyborg Yaiba Kamikaze in his quest to hunt down Ryu Hyabusa and vanquish hordes of zombies in the process.

From the Gamescom offering alone it is clear that compared to previous Ninja Gaiden games, Ninja Gaiden Z is going to a different sort of beast. This game is a big departure from the main franchise, as it supports a new cell shaded graphical style and a new protagonist. There are also waves upon waves of zombies to slice and dice, and though some may say that Zombies have been done to death, they do breathe new life into the NG franchise."

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