6 Games That Tried Way Too Hard to Be Edgy

Andres from Twinfinite writes, "Sometimes, while playing a game, you can almost hear every poor decision that went into bringing it to life. With every press of a button, you hear the faint echoes of a voice calling, 'More guns, see?' Maybe you've heard someone whispering, 'Hmm... not vengeful enough.' Or perhaps you've heard the words, 'EDGIER.'"

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Silvreck3100d ago

God, I hated Shadow the Hedgehog ever since Sonic Adventure 2.

IAmLee3099d ago

I actually remember loving it as a kid. But when I look back now..
My god :')

skcej3100d ago

Oh jeez, Shadow the Hedgehog was god damn awful

Zotaku873100d ago

I always had a morbid curiosity to try out Shadow, but never did. One of these days, perhaps.

dreamoner3099d ago

I don't accept any bad comment about Warrior Within, that game was awesome. This article sucks.


Heyxyz3099d ago

When I was like 12 I really wanted Shadow the Hedgehog, because it just looked so cool to me (give me a break, at this time I also loved the Star Wars prequels). I was literally obsessed with the game even though I didn't even see any gameplay, or even know what constituted a good game. My parents didn't let me play games, so of course I never played it. When I finally started playing games I just never got a chance to play it. hmmmm...maybe one day.

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