Motorstorm 2: a new screen

Motorstorm 2 unfolds today with a new screenshot... The software also looks much more comprehensive fashion with a multiplayer online game can accommodate up to sixteen participants as well as a brand new mode four players in split screen just like a Mario Kart.

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THC CELL5907d ago

hope this game shows a bit better then the first e 3 trailer

the game is sik as it is

Bazookajoe_835907d ago

Has anyone heard of any expected release date for this game?

sonarus5906d ago

Idiot disagreer again just jealous of exclusives. Kinda sad. Its not like motorstorm is a system seller or anything. Its just the best off road racer available thats all.

poos35907d ago

LET ME GUESS INGAE FOOTAGE HYPE THREAD TO 1000DEGREEES OUT OF hope to gain attention to the crap game and get 200 sony trolls troll the trhead ah ok ill agreee also its ingame ,til the realse dates of rfom+motorstormn arrive then we get a laugh at sony fans 1s again liek we did in 2006 .2007 haha i find it real fun +)

Kami5907d ago (Edited 5907d ago )

if you were a lil bit smart you could notice that its just art and not in game footage. dumbass

wAtdaFck5907d ago (Edited 5907d ago )

Hey look ma! Its an XBOT!

poos35907d ago

the biggest joke ive seen todaa is the resistance fall of man thread hyping a garbage generic game liek rfom its a lame franchise they shud have buried rfom 1 was terrrible quake wars clone but qauke wars was better

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Man cant you put a decent sentence together are all 360 owners 12 year olds like you.