New Too Human screens released

IGN has just posted two new screens of Silicon Knight's Nord-based future-RPG Too Human.

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SPARTAAN3846d ago

the screenshots look good hope this doesnt get delayed again

t-0_ot-3845d ago

Is there already a release date for this game?

InMyOpinion3846d ago

The character designs are awesome!

jkhan3846d ago

The game looks good. But during the gameplay videos I noticed something wrong with the combat. Like when you noticed him slashing through the machines, like you don't get the feel that your sword is in really touching the machines. I don't know may be I just see it that way. But I am following this game for quite some time now. If this game gets anything around 8 its a must buy for me.

DARK WITNESS3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

totally agree.

i have loved the concept of this game since i first heard of it, but i think you are wright. You don't get the feeling that there is any force when your weapons hit.

its kind of strange. it still looks awesome and i am still getting it though.

ah ha, i see the mystery disagrees are out in full force;

Show thyself, oh spineless coward of a fanboy !

SPARTAAN3846d ago

even i agree the animation looks stiff and i didnt like the gameplay videos they looked boring

green3846d ago

i agree and disagree with you.The animation looks stiff but don't forget they are humans with cybernetic implants so their movement is not as fluid .
secondly watch trailers from gametrailers without that horrible theme music playing in the background and you will see how the sound effects of the bullets/swords striking the metal of the robots will make a huge difference.

beans3845d ago

I agree with all of you and i hope that they caught this and plan to address it come release!

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Atomic3846d ago

I'm sorry , but this game looks utter crap , everything looks over the top and shiny , and what's the deal with the polar bear attack ?
a complete joke.

Ghoul3846d ago

Eyes of a hawk, ears of a wolf
Strength of a bear, speed of a puma


sorry but it keeps reminging me of my favorit childhero :D

Cherchez La Ghost3845d ago

LOL!!!! You took me back in the day!! Bubbles for you!!! This is one of my favorite scenes ever in cartoons.

beans3845d ago

I too believe that the bear stuff just seems kind of odd but im sure that after playing the game everything will come together and it will all make sense! SK knows how to deliver great games and given the time they've put on this one I have much faith in the final product!

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Robearboy3846d ago

Is just one of lifes mysteries, just like solid snakes magic bum bag that you can pull a full box out of


ah but you have to remember, that was then and this is now.

With the power that is Cell and the Ps3, snake can now pull a full size oil drum out of is super slim tech suit !

he is so hardcore.

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The story is too old to be commented.