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Time and Eternity was intended to be an anime that players could play. The 2D characters in a 3D scene are the best aspect of the game, which really looks like a anime. In terms of proximity to the anime style is not really anything like that approximates minimally. Even having played Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm that does a great job in this aspect can not reach the perfection that is Time and Eternity. Unfortunately the rest of the game is just okay, the contrasts rather strongly with the graphics quality presented.

The story begins with casamente Princess Toki and Zack. During the wedding Zack dies during an attack by assassins and their soul is trapped dragon princess. Everything up here is already strange, but when we add the fact that Toki has a dual personality and the fact that his entire family, including her, to control the time we can see there are many twists and many players will be scared by the game being too " over the top ".

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