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User Review : Time and Eternity

  • Attractive 2D animations
  • Unique animation style
  • Good soundtrack
  • Too easy
  • Mediocre gameplay
  • Unmemorable voice acting

Mediocre anime-styled game.


The hero of the game can be freely named by the players. You as the hero, will marry the princess of the faraway kingdom called Kamza, Toki. However, you are attacked by an unknown enemies, causing Toki to go back in time to find out who is responsible for the attack. Unknowingly, you also travel back into time, but you are stuck in a form that you are not originally at. Also, you get to discover that Toki has alternate personality, called Towa who is more tough-natured and more competitive than the innocent Toki.

The game's story is interesting, but lack of good plot twists that make the game much more memorable. There are also some fanservices and sexual innuendos in the game that may make some players to be uncomfortable with, as well as some humour.

The characters in this game are not exactly memorable at all, since the game feels too short for an RPG game. Also, most of the characters have very stereotypical anime-typed characters that many anime fans can associate with, and they severely lack original personalities. Depending on player's tastes, the characters may or may not be likable to them.


i) Exploration Section

This game plays similarly like any other JRPGs. You can explore freely in any dungeons by running or walking, and roam around the World Map to go to shops, to your Home, or to go to optional areas to complete side quests. However, unlike any other RPGs, you do not physically explore any of those optional areas in the city fully, as you only move the cursor around and highlight any icons to initiate the next Story objective or Side Quests.

ii) Upgrading, Leveling, and Customisation Section

As you fight battles, you can obtain GP (Gift Points) to learn new skills. The Gift system functions similarly like a skill tree system, where you can learn more new skills by learning one skill slot. As you progress, you need to spend more GP to learn stronger skills. Both Toki and Towa have their sets of Gift skills, and they can obtain GP at the same time by either fighting battles, completing story objectives, or completing side quests. Gift skills range from offensive skills, defensive skills, and passive skills.

Leveling system is standard like other JRPGs. Both Toki and Towa will level up after gaining enough experience points. The main difference is that once you leveled up, your playable main character will switch her persona every time, either from Toki to Towa and vice versa. There is no direct impact to the main plot whenever she switched her persona, but dialogues in the story may be altered depending on who you control, as both Toki and Towa have very different personalities.

You can buy equipment in the game to boost your stats and increase the chances of survival in fighting battles. If you are still having difficulties, you can change the game's difficulty in the start menu to Easy mode.

iii) Combat Section

You will fight random encounters in outdoor areas while exploring. Unlike most RPGs, this game features a one-on-one battle against one enemy at a time. While fighting random encounters, you will occasionally fight extra enemy after defeating one enemy.

At the start of the battle, you will at the back row. You can use your rifle to attack enemies from far away, or get up close to the enemy and use melee attacks. You can also use skills like magic, buffing or debuffing skills, and etc on enemies provided you have enough SP. SP is obtained when attacking enemies or when you use items. You can also use items to heal yourself, as well as dodging enemy attacks from both close or long ranges.

There are a few variety of enemies in the game, and some enemies are pretty easy to defeat if you know their attack patterns. Some enemies may have even weaknesses to certain elements, and you can exploit it to defeat them faster. Toki and Towa have both different movesets, so it is best to choose skills for each of them that suit the situation accordingly. For example, Toki is better in using Fire and Earth magic, while Towa is better in using Ice and Thunder magic.

As you progress in the game, you will encounter bosses. Bosses usually are stronger than normal enemies, and usually require some strategy to beat them more effectively. Usually players do not have to grind in defeating bosses in this game, but you might have to grind some levels in the later chapters as some bosses can be difficult to defeat without higher stats or better equipment.

iv) Sidequests Section

You can complete side quests in the game to obtain additional experience points, extra GP, or new items. Each Chapter have their own sets of quests to be completed, and most of the quests' objectives revolves either getting a set number of items or defeating certain enemies at certain areas.

v) Gameplay Conclusion

The gameplay is pretty mediocre, without much outstanding features to distinguish itself from other JRPGs. The only thing good about the gameplay of the game is the neat one-on-one battle, but that's it. The other problem about this game is the repetitive nature of progression and combat.


This game has pretty art design and unique animation-styled graphics, but suffered some minor technical issues. It uses 2D character models animation during cutscenes and gameplay on 3D backgrounds, creating the allusion that you are playing an 'anime' game. However, it does not work out always, as there are some peculiarities when playing the game.

During combat, players can see that Toki/Towa's animation in combat is not smooth at all, with some missing frames that cause the animation to be not smooth at all. This also applies to the enemies in combat as well. In general, I prefer if the developer used 3D models in combat and exploration instead, and use the 2D models for the cutscenes.


The English voice acting is just mediocre, without much standout performances by any voice actors. The only voice actor that did come close to be great is possibly only the hero's/Drake's voice actors. The Japanese cast however, boasts some popular voice actors that are popular in Japan like Kana Hanazawa and Eri Kitamura, which are sure to be recognised by anime fans easily.

The soundtrack is good, with some pleasant and light-hearted themes to be listened, as well as some good battle themes. The ending credits song is good as well, provided if you like to listen to Japanese songs.

Replay Value

The game's replay value is moderate. You can opt to complete all Sub-Quests in the game, obtain all Endings, and acquire all Trophies. However, the Sub-Quests in this game are extremely repetitive, which either requires you to defeat specified enemies or fetch and give an item to someone.


Although this game has some interesting ideas and features like unique 2D models animation on 3D backgrounds, the game has very mediocre gameplay with very stripped-down RPG elements, technical issues on the animation, and hit-or-miss storyline. I highly advise any JRPG fans to avoid this title, and instead get Tales of Xillia, Tales of Graces f, Dragon's Crown, and any other popular JRPGs. This game has it's own unique creative ideas to be shown, but the execution is extremely flawed due to mediocre gameplay and other areas in the game. The best things that I could say about this game is the unique animation style, good music, and playable at the very least.

Story: 6/10
Gameplay: 4/10
Graphics: 6/10
Sound: 7/10

Final Score: 5.75/10 or 23/40

Pros and Cons


- Attractive 2D animations.
- Interesting duality in Toki and Towa's personalities.
- Some funny Love events between Zack and the two girls.
- Unique animation style that emulates Japanese animations.
- Great soundtrack.

- Too easy.
- Not all characters are appealing.
- Mediocre gameplay.
- Repetitive combat.
- Repetitive story progression.
- Boring side Quests.
- Unmemorable voice acting.
- Many technical issues.
- Poor framerate during combat.
- Fanservices may not appeal to general gamers.

Attractive anime-styled graphics for both gameplay and cutscenes. Technical issues and poor framerate during combat almost spoils the game.
Good soundtrack by the veteran composer, Yuzu Koshiro. Theme song is not bad as well. English voice acting is not memorable. Japanese voice acting is perhaps much better.
Unique one-on-one combat like Thousand Arms on PS1. However, the game progression is extremely repetitive without variation.
Fun Factor
Only worth playing for one or two playthroughs to get all endings. Duality between Toki and Towa is interesting, but not in-depth enough. Platinum trophy is easy to obtain.
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