What Are You Playing? Episode 2

Game Tangents | What Are You Playing? is a new Game Tangents original series designed to show you the games we are playing during the week that we merely talk about in our weekly podcasts. In Episode 2, we cover some of the games we talked about in Game Tangents Podcast Episode 82. (Sonic Adventure, Suikoden)

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incendy351621d ago

Today has been Forza 5, Kinect Sports Rivals and Tentacles: Enter The Mind.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1621d ago

MLB 14 The Show on PS4 and Wolfenstein The New Order on Xbox One.

gametangents1621d ago

Thanks for the comments! Those look like some good titles. Never heard of Tentacles, but I looked it up and it looks unique. I'm anxious to play Wolfenstein: The New Order in the future. Last night I played a Xbox 360 indie title called Light's End and Dark Souls to help me sleep.

SolidGear31621d ago

Fallout: New Vegas on PS3 right now. I actually got it at launch but only did one playthrough. Should've been more given the millions of hours put into Fallout 3.

gametangents1621d ago

My co-host Mark on our weekly podcast has been playing New Vegas, and we were talking about it on the show a few weeks back. Brings back some good memories.

elhebbo161621d ago

I've been playing Fallout new vegas for the past few weeks too, although I installed a couple of mods to change it up a bit (project nevada, nevada skies,etc).

Lou Ferrigno1621d ago

NHL 14 (PS3) and Watchdogs , Killzone SF and Strider for PS4 atm.. but i always switch when it comes to my PS4. :)

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