Pikmin 3 Review [Capsule Computers]

Dustin Spencer from Capsule Computers writes: "Since the announcement of the Wii U, Pikmin 3 has been one of the main topics when it comes to software – but for good reason. Back in 2001, Pikmin provided us with one of the freshest experiences seen in years from the famed publisher, delivering a large dose of strategic gameplay that was hidden by an endearing plot and lovable characters. After 12 years, one sequel, and a ton of teasing, we finally have a proper follow-up for the franchise, along with three new protagonists and a bit of a new direction so to speak. While fans are certainly already going to be drooling over this release, is Pikmin 3 the first all out blockbuster title for the Wii U, or just another safe move by Nintendo in order to make more first party fare come available?"

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masterabbott1897d ago

i want this game so bad!!!

Subby1897d ago

A welcome, if expected, addition to the Wii U library it seems.

nato251897d ago

Ill be picking this up when I get a Wii U later on, not sure when yet, but definitely for smash bros

Neonridr1897d ago

What a game. I just played it over the weekend, and it is awesome. I am only like 5 days (in the game world) into it, but it is amazing how much fun it is to control these little guys. Graphics look amazing and it definitely has that Nintendo coat of polish on the game. HIGHLY recommend anyone who is on the fence to go pick this game up.

militissanctus1897d ago

Nintendo strikes again! Looking forward to draining some time into Pikmin 3!