Pikmin 3 Removed From Wii U eShop

Following the surprise announcement of Pikmin 3 Deluxe for Nintendo Switch, Pikmin 3 is removed from sale on the Wii U eShop.

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NewZealander1027d ago

So i own the digital game on wii u, currently have it installed...i think.
If i delete it will i not be able to redownload it? Never finished it as it came free with mario kart, might give it a nudge now, better then paying $100 NZD for a deluxe version that will never go on sale.

anonymousfan1027d ago

It's no longer available for purchase but it should remain available for download for people that own the game like yourself... At least for now.

Nintendo are known to cut online support fairly early vs PS and Xbox. For example Wii has been taken completely offline for years vs Xbox 360 and PS3 digital store fronts still work fine. If you take your sweet time to play Nintendo games my advice is buy physical.

Double_O_Revan1027d ago

If you trust Nintendo for anything online you're taking a big risk.

Soy1027d ago

Nintendo is awful at everything online-related.

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