Which Wii U games are left to port to the Switch?

With so many Wii U ports on the Switch, it can be hard to say how many more titles there are left to port over. Let's look at a few.

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NecrumOddBoy648d ago

I'd like to play Paper Mario Color Splash or a new Mario & Luigi title altogether.

smashman98647d ago

If you're a fan of 1000 year door there is nothing for you in PM Color Splash

NecrumOddBoy647d ago

I heard that. :/

I actually want a Super Paper Mario 2. I love the Action RPG element.

Also, why can't we get RPGs from other Nintendo IPs.

smashman98647d ago

Oohhh like a Zelda rpg with full fledged skill trees and weapon upgrade system.

Neonridr648d ago

I'm surprised Super Mario 3D World didn't get ported over. It's a fantastic game and amazing to play with others.

stinson_out648d ago

Mario super striker would be awesome

647d ago
Cobra951647d ago (Edited 647d ago )

You mentioned Breath of the Wild, so I know you're aware of this little franchise called "Zelda". So why didn't you mention it in your must-port list? I'd love to see Ocarina of Time through Skyward Sword done up properly for the current Nintendo hardware.

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