Sony Japan Studio’s PS Vita Exclusive Freedom Wars Gets New Screenshots and Info

Sony Computer Entertainment released some more information and screenshots of the PS Vita Exclusive action RPG Freedom Wars.

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Kyosuke_Sanada3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

Freedom Wars sounds like a video game title from the NES era...

That being said I am excited to see what will come from this..

Acquiescence3967d ago

Change the title back to the infinitely superior Panopticon pls. Thx.

360ICE3967d ago

Hmm... I do love freedom.

bothebo3967d ago

It's interesting how SCEJ is keeping the Vita up in Japan while SCEA doesn't seem to care about it at all. Maybe this just has to do with demographics and varying sales numbers. Regardless, SCEA should still do more to support the Vita.

remanutd553967d ago

absolutely, heck even SCEE is supporting the system but i dont see SCEA doing anything to keep it relevant, heck not even advertising lol, asking sony to advertise their playstation brand lol

Snookies123967d ago

Japan in general is getting a lot of Vita games that are just never being localized. Which REALLY sucks, considering most people's main argument with the Vita is that it "has no games". (I myself have a great library on my Vita, but it couldn't hurt to have more variety.)

GribbleGrunger3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

They DO care. Sony have got to develop for two consoles and one handheld. Be patient folks. After next year Sony will be concentrating on just on the Vita and PS4 and you'll start to hear of more exclusive AAA Vita games. Remember, it's a powerful console in handheld form so it's going to take at least a year for games to reach AAA standards.

staticdash223967d ago

Japan has been moving away from the console scene for a few years now. Handheld gaming it what's going to rule that market, so it makes sense that SCEJ pushing the vita is important. SCEA is based on a demographic that mainly doesn't cater to handheld first, it's about console gaming.

Inception3967d ago

Errr...there's Vita ver for PASBR, Jax HD, MLB, and Sly Cooper. Also Uncharted: GA is build exclusively for Vita. Those games came from SCEA, right?

But i think they're in the 'test the water' mode and still looking what new IP that really good for Vita users in usa.

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dcj05243967d ago

God Eater spider man edition. Lol seriously this looks good.

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PS Vita Exclusives Freedom Wars, Soul Sacrifice to Have Servers Shuttered

Sammy: "Two high-profile PS Vita exclusives, Freedom Wars and Soul Sacrifice, will have their servers deactivated on 24th December, 2021. Both titles, published by Sony in response to its loss of Monster Hunter exclusivity, were built around co-operative play, and maintained relatively dedicated communities to this day."

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Rangerman1208937d ago (Edited 937d ago )

Oreshika is also getting it servers shut down too. Big shame for these games. Honestly some of Vita's gems.

Snookies12937d ago

I'm surprised these were even still up! Loved the Vita though, had some great times with that handheld.

XxSPIDEYxX937d ago

These games deserve sequels or remakes. It was Soul Sacrifice that even got me into Monster Hunter.

Rangerman1208937d ago (Edited 937d ago )

Honestly surprised they never got ported to the ps4 or even PC. Since Sony won't give the vita another shot, wht not make a Vita collection? Could have Soul Sacrifice, Freedom Wars, KZ Mercs, Uncharted Golden Abyss, Murasaki Baby, etc. As a way to conmemorate the Vita.

CDbiggen937d ago

Freedom wars servers are still up? Holy shit.

jimbo6597936d ago

This why you never should have achievements/trophies locked to online only features.

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Vita's 10 Best Online Games

VGChartz's Adam Cartwright: "Competing with other players online is ingrained into the gaming ecosystem these days, with every hardware manufacturer (even the previously resistant Nintendo) offering ways to connect to others over the internet to engage in multiplayer. Ever since SEGA blazed a trail with their gone-too-soon Dreamcast and titles such as Chu Chu Rocket and Phantasy Star Online, the console landscape changed towards embracing the internet – solidified further by Microsoft’s Xbox initiative in 2001.

On handhelds, inroads into online gaming were slower, but with the advent of Sony’s PSP in 2005 that changed again and suddenly portable experiences were offered that could also connect with other players across the world. This was refined further with their next-generation handheld the PlayStation Vita, which offered improvements like easily accessible friends lists, system-based party chat, alongside some of the best portable online games that were available at the time of its release."

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IamTylerDurden11881d ago

Killzone Mercenary has spectacular gameplay and great mp. Underrated game.

Helldivers was pretty awesome to have on Vita.

NFS MW worked well on Vita.