Let’s Chat about Polygon’s Dragon’s Crown Review

Polygon's relatively low-scoring review of Dragon's Crown is getting serious heat from those who believe reviewer Danielle Riendeau placed too heavy of an importance on the game's depiction of women. Before screaming at the source, Gamers Association editor Nick Cane invites you to a quick chat about the issue.

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pedrof933976d ago (Edited 3976d ago )

Its a shame what Polygon do.

The moment the Sony brand is associated with any product Polygon will be there to downgrade it.

NewMonday3976d ago

at this point Sony should just stop giving them advanced reviews, just let them pick up games from the shelf.

NukaCola3976d ago

I watched this review. How does Polygon even score games? She just bitched and nitpicked for 3 minutes and then the score popped up. She sounds like insecure moron who can't handle boobs which have been in art and culture for ages.

HebrewHammer3975d ago

Polygon's review method is peculiar, to say the least. The entire review team arrives at a score together, based off of the actual reviewers sentiments. Basically, the score comes mostly from people who haven't played it.

ZodTheRipper3975d ago (Edited 3975d ago )

This is getting ridiculous. It shouldn't get any attention in the first place, what is wrong with the people responsible for their reviews? Just look how they rated some games (in comparison):

Mass Effect 3 - 10/10
Ni No Kuni - 6,5/10

Dead Space 3 - 10/10
Resident Evil 6 - 4/10

Diablo 3 - 10/10
Dragon's Crown 6,5/10

This is unexplainable to me.
And don't get me started on that TLOU review ...

3-4-53975d ago

It's like the women who dresses skimpy and then calls every other women a slut.

Otoshigamisama3975d ago

@zod18 man I completely agree with this is really getting RIDICULOUS Its hard to find a good reviewer this days most are heavily biased SMH

Diver3975d ago

Look who one of the chief monkeys is at pollywog - brian crecente. That dude was head of kotaku when they blew Sony's Home announcement an then led a 6 year attack on Sony.

badz1493975d ago

can we just move on and ignore Polygon from now on? it's pretty clear that they despise anything Playstation and gamers seriously already given too much credit and attention to Polygon...more than what they deserve! there are abundance of other gaming websites out there so why would we care about what Polygon has to say again? because they are MS funded?

this is just what Polygon wants! creates as much buzz as possible and let people talk for long and garner hits on the way. I'm not giving them any and others should do the same too. gaming journalism is already a mess as it already is and this is just the thing that we should get rid of ASAP!

da_2pacalypse3975d ago

I would normally disagree with bias review accusations, but polygon reviews are a joke. Their last of us review is laughable, anyone who rates that game below a 9/10 is drunk!

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ZoidsRaven3976d ago

I don't think that is the reason for the score (this time).
If you watched the video, it looks like they are just trying to spread feminazi propaganda through this "review".

It's a shame such a great game has to be subjected to this crap. 7_7

caseh3976d ago

Have you seen the size of that witches hooters though lol.

It's hardly surprising, personally I don't see it as an issue but if you give people ammo they will shoot you with it.

bicfitness3976d ago

If people actually give the Sorceress more than a passing glance, they'd notice that she's really an ancient hag just posing as a nubile, busty woman. Examine her character select tarot card and you'll see the hag on the other end of it. Classic Swords and Sorcery stuff, nothing to be offended over.

caseh3976d ago

'But I found its over-exaggerated art style alienating and gross in its depiction of women even as it shines in building a world of fantastic monsters and environments'

This is the ammo the reviwer used to shoot the game and ultimately lower the score. Disagree all you like, it's there in black and white.

Reibooi3975d ago

The thing that pisses me off with this who oh my god look at all the boobs this game is sexist BS is that it's not one sided.

Yes many females in the game had a very large bust. That said look at all the males. They are just as oversexualized as the women. It's just part of the style.

ZoidsRaven3975d ago


Sorry, but no.
She DOESN'T have "ammo". Having a stupid opinion does not count as having "ammo".
How women look/dress should never reflect on a game's quality, that's why people disagree.
You'll see her whine and complain about attractive features on women, but does she do the same with the men? Obviously not. Because it's wrong for a women to have big boobs but ok for men to look like they have double muscle syndrome.

Ammo? Ammo my ***. 7_7

caseh3975d ago


I never doubted the games quality and any opinion is as legit as the next, even if you deem it to be stupid.

The fact is, it is bound to offend some people and that reviewer happened to be one of those people. If you hand someone something THEY find to be offensive its hardly going to get a big thumbs up.

ZoidsRaven3975d ago


I never said that you 'doubted the games quality' (don't know were you got that from) and the opinion of a hypocrite IS NOT legit, especially when it's being used to review a game.

I never argued if this game offend anyone or not, are you even paying attention?
I believe that. In this soft age, people can find offense in silent rooms.
Doesn't change the fact that 'such a great game has to be subjected to this crap'. 7_7

caseh3975d ago


If people are anal enough to believe that this single reviewers opinion reflects the quality of this game (yes, I read what you said) then meh, whatever.

ZoidsRaven3975d ago (Edited 3975d ago )


'yes, I read what you said'

Oh really? Well, show me what you've learned in class.

'If people are anal enough to believe that this single reviewers opinion reflects the quality of this game '
.........What? I said that? I thought I said :
'How women look/dress should never reflect on a game's quality'. 7_7
I'll take 'meh, whatever' as a sign that you don't care what people think about this woman (the reviewer).
If that is true, why do you feel the need to defend her? 7_7

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yeahokchief3975d ago (Edited 3975d ago )

I think theyve inspired me to make a website, rate xboxone games very poorly, post the review on n4g and watch the money come in.

Particularly the good games with alot of attention/hype surrounding them will get the most abysmal scores. But i will say some nice things about them before giving them a 3/10.

I'll give some of the really bland mediocre games acceptable scores to show that I am not biased and so xbox users play those dreadful games.

I'll be an internet MEGASTAR!

3975d ago
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Relientk773976d ago

Polygon did another low score review? Wow. they're retarded.

yeahokchief3975d ago

They gotta make their money somehow. Their lack of talent and real world skills has gotta be tough in this economy.

rextraordinaire3976d ago (Edited 3976d ago )

Actually, I've only seen 2 middling reviews of Dragon's Crown so far. Polygon's and one other on Metacritic.

Every other reviewer says this is an achievement for the Beat'em Up/RPG hybrid and that it is worth every single bit of a gamer's attention. Even those that side on the offended part of the spectrum usually admit to how well crafted this game truly is. Of course some of them remove some points to the overall score, but usually it stays well above the 7/10 mark.

Those who enjoy the exploitative stuff raise the score to near 10/10. (I'm in that crowd)

The 6.5 at Polygon really do seem like an attempt at lowering the Metacritic metascore. If it was not for those 2 lower scores, Dragon's Crown would proudly sit as an all-time great. (It does anyway, seeing how it has an overall great ranking in the 70+ reviews that have been posted on n4g. 70+ reviews is a HUGE number of reviews for a niche title, and doing so well is quite an accomplishment.)

So yeah, the Polygon reviewer has all the rights to be pissed about -her- perception of women in that game, but I am pretty much happy to see that it is an exception in an overall glowing reception to the game.

AirJohnston3975d ago

Polygon is partially owned by Microsoft, so it's more than just trying to lower the score on Metacritic. They rate almost every Sony exclusive poorly. Example: The Last of Us received a 7.5, obviously well below what it should've been, regardless if you liked the game or not...while Sim City got a 9.

FlameHawk3975d ago

Partially? No sir, they own that shit for $750,000. Why the hell does a video game website need that much money LOL. bunch of sell outs.

DialgaMarine3976d ago

Let's not forget one fun fact: Polygon is actually partially owned by Microsoft. :)

rdgneoz33976d ago (Edited 3976d ago )

How much money did they get from MS to make their documentary?