Multiplayer Comes to Batman: Arkham Origins | IGN Hands-On

IGN Hands-on - Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has revealed a new wrinkle to Batman: Arkham Origins, its prequel to Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, with the announcement of a 2 vs. 3 vs. 3 online multiplayer mode developed by Splash Damage (Brink, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars).

slinky1234563972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

Prepare, for all the "It doesn't belong in the game", and "What are they thinking" comments to come.

It's by another team, doesn't deteriorate the sp whats-so-ever. It will give the game more sales and mmore than likely another sequel. It's just an add-on that is completely optional. Also, the ign previewer said it seems awesome and not tacked-on at all.

Becuzisaid3972d ago

Absolutely justified comments IMO

BALLARD323972d ago

Agreed. Looks tacked on.

titletownrelo3972d ago

great comment.

I have to admit that When I was watching the trailer for the first time, "3 vs 3 vs...2!!!" I got really excited for this game. Robin looks badass, hopefully there will be other characters (with their own gadgets) we can switch Robin out with. Like Batgirl, NightWing, and Batman Beyond.

Becuzisaid3972d ago

Gee, thanks for giving me more to worry about this game.

Outsourced multiplayer...wonderful

imtheman20133972d ago

Don't know how this will play out. Could be really interesting, but could also be a useless tacked-on bit to a (more than likely) fun singleplayer.

Definitely keeping an eye on this though.

ZombieKiller3972d ago

First the outsource then this....I'm hoping this doesn't turn into another COD. The MP trailer looked fun. I like the turf war excuse to add MP. Apart from co-op in the open city, this I would think, could be the only other excuse to include MP. At least its not a standard tdm....that would feel tacked on. This seems a bit better thought out than just a money grab or tacked on mode. I'm hoping that it is, and that in fact, this is quite fun to play. If so, it could top my favorite....after all, Arkham City IS my favorite game. Please make it right splash damage.....please.

Philoctetes3972d ago

Sorry, but that looks horrible. These matches will end up being consistently lopsided as hell thanks to one or two players being especially good or especially bad.

Donnieboi3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

Huh? What game doesn't consist of unevenly matched players? If u suck at the game, then practice more. Skilled players win. That's how things work.

Anyway I'm not interested in the mp of this game, would have preferred co-op if anything. But will still give it a try before I knock it. Oh, and it being outsourced is a good thing...at least the main game is getting 100% focus bh the campaign devs.

Philoctetes3971d ago

I've played lots of games of Battlefield, COD, and even TLoU with a bad teammate or two and still won. That won't be happening in a 3-3-2 format.

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The best Batman Arkham game still isn’t on PS5, and that’s a problem

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League is almost here, but I can't revisit the best Arkhamverse game on PS5 without sacrificing quality.

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ZeekQuattro153d ago

Not a fan of Orgins. Blame it on the absence of Conroy & Hamill. Blame it on the lack of atmosphere compared to Asylm. Hell blame it the devs thst dicked over Wii U owners like me that purchased the game only for support be dropped as a thank you to me. It's better than Knight but that's not saying much. I don't care for that entry either.

Rebel_Scum152d ago

tbh buying a game like that for WiiU should’ve been an obvious non-purchase when it existed on better hardware.

Cacabunga152d ago

Origins is amazing..
my favorite Batman is Batman and Robin on mega drive.. an HD REMASTER of that would still look glorious

ZeekQuattro152d ago

I got it launch. Kinda hard to go back. I'm supposed to know they were going to drop support months after the fact. 🤣

Exvalos152d ago

You sound like a salty fanboy, that it didn't come to your precious plastic of choice. It's not the developers fault Nintendo continues making underpowered hardware. It's our fault because we keep buying it. Yes I say (we) I'm part of the problem as well.

ZeekQuattro152d ago

I have a PS3 and a Wii U. How was I a salty fanboy? I bought the game on the system I wanted it for.

Rebel_Scum152d ago

Nah my comment has nothing to do with whether you’d know or not that they’d drop support.

Buying any AAA game of that era for a WiiU you should’ve known you’d be sacrificing graphics and load times.

LucasRuinedChildhood153d ago

It's solid but Origins is definitely not the best Arkham game.

LoveSpuds152d ago

Smacks of hyperbole to me, talk about clutching at straws to create some drama around PS5!!

generic-user-name152d ago

Titles like these are designed to get you to come in, go to their comment section and tell them how they're so wrong so they can boost their numbers.

Phoenix76152d ago

Even though its not the best arkham game in the series, its still an enjoyable game in its own right. What it do really well at though, was the crime investigations scenes. Which imo, were the best of the franchise.

goldwyncq152d ago

I don’t know about best game but it definitely has the best story and boss fights.

boing1152d ago

Never played it and recently I've finally tried it via cloud on psn. It's not the best for sure, but it ain't bad either.