Gamers Don’t Give a Crap About Dragon’s Crown the Game

My Stupid Opinion writes:
Dragon's Crown is a game the masses of Atlus and Vanillaware fans have been anticipating release for years now. The climax of that build up has almost come upon them. European and North American gamers will soon no longer be holding themselves in suspense.

The media outlets have been gorging themselves on this game because it’s so easy to get people’s eyes on it. The formula couldn't be easier.

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Dunpeal3972d ago

No, I actually want to play this game. Why would I spend $60 to see animated tiggos flopping about when I can dl teh pronz for FREE???

the whole feminist-anti-sexism-in-gaming movement is getting old and lame now

gaming = entertainment. if sex sells, then so be it.

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dedicatedtogamers3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

I hope this game sells quite well (even though I know it's a niche title).

A) We need more detailed non-anime art like this in the game industry. I'm not saying anime art is bad, but Dragon's Crown has a very "western" look to it in many ways, and it's nice to see a hand-drawn art style that isn't dripping with primary colors and oversized eyes

B) We need more "arcade revival" games. This game takes the old-school beat 'em up and modernizes it by adding significant RPG elements. We need more of this. Bring back shmups, but add in 360 degree exploration (I think Thunder Force II had that). Bring back arcade racers that focus on zany fun instead of maxing out car-porn graphics (Crazy Taxi comes to mind).

cyguration3971d ago


Gosh I love beat 'em ups and every time I go out looking for them they're so hard to find on ANY system. It's such a shame.

I'm glad this game is coming and, I too, hope that it revives this genre that's been abandoned and overlooked for modern war-shooters and "gritty" reboots.

rextraordinaire3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )


Exactly. Sex sells, I love sex, I love video games, I want dragon's crown for what it is as a whole.

Bub up!

LiQuiZoN3971d ago

I care! Mine is already preordered! Such a fantastic looking game!

miyamoto3971d ago

Kamitani is a genius!
I am playing this game because I am a fan of Streets of Rage, Castlevania Symphony and Aria, Gunstar Heroes, Guardian Heroes, Golden Axe, Shinobi, Guilty Gear, and Vanillaware artstyle.

Yet Morrigan gets a pass every year with hers tits and Cammy with her exposed thighs and butt cheeks. And it was in the 90s. Double standard?

Dragon's Crown is no. 5 now it Japan's most wanted.

So yeah no one wants to play this game.

So sad S:

Tsar4ever013971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

Im getting this game due its great art style and throwback to side scroll action of Golden Axe and Guardian heroes. And also im getting this because i pasted up Odin Spear and Maramusa. This game has Way more dept than it appears. The over sexed amazon and boobed sorcerer is just extra frosting to me.

And tell if not One fucking drawings, main characters or bad guys in this game wouldnt make a Badass Tatoo!?

ShinMaster3970d ago

The game is $40 - $50 btw :P

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DivineAssault 3972d ago

BS! i will be buying this on day 1! I might buy it for PS3 as well as PSV..

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Sarobi3971d ago

I'm definitely getting this day 1

blackmanone3971d ago

Any interest in this game went out the window when I saw the art. I don't care about the sexism, feminine rights, or anything else when I play a game, but I can't get into games made for such a juvenile crowd.

cyguration3971d ago

All right, then...don't let the Sorceress' boobs smack you on the butt on your way out.

BlaqMagiq243971d ago

Your comment makes you sound like a juvenile.

iceman063971d ago

That's a bit of a shallow take on things. So, you pass on a game because there are big boobs? You assume that there is nothing of substance to the game because of the big boobs? I would just warn you not to take that approach in your personal life, you might miss out on a good thing.

MuhammadJA3971d ago

Same here. It's like these people only care about sex, and they're trying too hard to get laid but they can't.

Hicken3970d ago

Horrible, HORRIBLE reasoning, especially since the crowd isn't juvenile.

Usually, when someone takes one look at an art style and assumes it's for the immature, it's a lack of maturity on that person's behalf, not on behalf of the media in question.

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