Jolt: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Review

Is Gran Turismo 5 Prologue worth the punt? Well you certainly won't be wanting this unless you're planning on buying GT5 anyway, so it's more a question of whether or not you can contain your racing bug or find a release for it elsewhere. Provided you can look past the small but inevitable disappointments that come with this not actually being the finished game, then there is good, solid racing enjoyment to be had, and lots of it.

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PimpHandHappy3847d ago

i know ppl keep saying its not the full game but the name alone tells you its the game b4 the game!

One more week

Get my rumble for my rumble strips

joydestroy3847d ago

rumble strips? haha
the DS3 will change your life.

ShinFuYux3847d ago

is that you can't listen to your own music.

Gran Turismo music has always been very boring.

Blademask3847d ago

You are supposed to cut the music off, and listen to your car.

joydestroy3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

yeah man, i turn the music off on every game i own and just leave the effects and such on and turn on my own music. best experience ever.

joydestroy3847d ago

only an 8? start the flame war!!!

InMyOpinion3847d ago

Is it true that you start every race with a 'rolling start'? If so, I hope they change that in the final version. The racing grid is where it's at! =)

aaron58293847d ago

Every race is rolling start.

Beware of tyre spins if there are ever going to be starting from the grid.

Those who havent played it... it's worth the money, especially if you're a GT fanatic.


W831Liquidsnake3847d ago

I think GT5 is a long ways to be released. Its going to be expensive, so Sony and PD are releasing GTP to make some money to keep funding their project.

DJ3847d ago

But it's also to figure out what to fix, what to add, etc. Prologue is like a public Beta of part 5, except it's getting some big upgrades throughout the year (damage being one of them). Sony seems to be trying to outdo Microsoft through budget and resources. The neat thing is that they have all their studios sharing technology and code. Great example is Uncharted, which actually gained support for its lighting system from the makers of Killzone 2.

As far as I can remember, there's been prologues for the Gran Turismo series since part 3, but none as extensive as this. Personally, I want more tracks, but it definitely appeases the masses. I don't think any other franchise could get away with 'prologue' releases, except maybe Halo.

aaron58293847d ago

They are making one hell of a money with the prologue too. :D

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