Dragon’s Crown Is Sold Out Almost Everywhere in Japan

If you live in Japan and don't want to settle with the digital version of Dragon's Crown you may want to hurry, as the latest game by Vanillaware appears to have made a big splash in the archipelago of the rising sun, big enough to be sold out at almost every retailer.

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Dunpeal3984d ago

Would be nice if we could pre-order day1 digi on PSN already

6DEAD6END63984d ago

Is there anyway of preordering a PS4 game digitally, just asking. And it's really nice to see a game like this do so well it deserve it.

Dunpeal3984d ago

right now? no. however, it is my understanding that PS4 will have a lot more day-1-digi support for its games

6DEAD6END63984d ago

Thanks because I want to go all digital.

grailly3984d ago

in fact, for some select games Sony does offer a pre-order service, but it really isn't great.

the pre-order will just get you the same bonuses as a retail pre-order, i.e. for the last of us I got the soundtrack plus some wallpapers. It doesn't offer what we would really want: pre-downloading.

Army_of_Darkness3983d ago

An action jrpg that has chick witches with enormous boobs!! So of course its gonna sell well to the asians! I should know, I'm one of them:-)

minimur123983d ago


If you play your cards right, Sony might let you download a PS4 online, you know, digitally.

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cleft53984d ago

Very nice indeed. I am pretty hyped for this game to come out in the US as well.

HarryMasonHerpderp3983d ago

Why would you pre-order a digital copy of something?
That makes no sense.

FamilyGuy3983d ago

1. To get the digital pre-order bonuses if they have em

2. So you can have it downloaded before it actually is able to be played. So you have it ready and installed the moment it hits the release date rather than having to wait for the PS store to update, wait for it to download and then wait for it to install.

Pre-ordering digital copies would be very convenient.

Dunpeal3983d ago

why not? i'm gonna buy the game anyway. i'll buy it early if that's provided. did the same thing with TLOU.

HarryMasonHerpderp3983d ago (Edited 3983d ago )

Ah the pre-order bonuses I forgot about those.
I don't agree with it though I think it sends a bad message when you have to pre-order a digital copy of a game to get items that were blatantly taken out of the final release (not saying it's the case for Dragons Crown more like the new Metro game with the ranger mode).
Just not a fan of this new trend.

Nivalis3984d ago

And yet I picked up a copy no problem this morning

Abriael3984d ago

Which is why it's "almost".

Nivalis3983d ago

Which is why Bic Camera, Ito Yokado, Yamada, my local Aeon, my local independant games store AND Nojima all had multiple copies too, right?

boybato3984d ago

Excited for this weeks media create. Hope this title sells a ton. :-)

Inception3984d ago

Nice! Can't wait to pick my copy on 6th august ^^

Inception3984d ago

Nope, the power of Vanillaware ;)

admiralvic3984d ago

Nope, the power of the Dreamcast. D:

6DEAD6END63984d ago

Amen lol. There games are great.