Xbox One: List of Confirmed Kinect 2.0 Features That Are Worthy of Excitement

So Microsoft is offering Xbox One bundle with Kinect 2.0 for $499 ($100 more than the cost of Sony's PS4). So this post here is related to what exciting features new Kinect has to offers to Xbox One gamers.

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eezo1912d ago

battlefield 4 will support kinect functionality.. i just can't wait to see what DICE has in store for Battlefield community

showtimefolks1912d ago

nothing much just like ME3 had kinect features

its not something you can use for hardcore gaming or atleast it hasn't been used till date the right way.

also it shouldn't be dice showing what they can do with kinect 2, it should be MS and its studios. when ps3 was thought of being hard to develop for sony release killer games to show that extra work in development can be useful if done right

if MS wants developers to take advantage of kinect 2 than MS should show them what its capable of and not a device you use to turn your system on and off

LoveOfTheGame1912d ago


Perfect example of a good use of Kinect.

BallsEye1912d ago

I don't see why they can't add things like in MS Kinect FPS demo for example tap your temple to turn on night vision. Since kinect 2.0 is way more accurate they could add hand gesture commands (for SP) like real special forces use. I also see new Kinect work amazingly for commander mode. It wasn't possible with previous kinect ( I got one, it's not accurate enough) but 2.0 looks way more promising. I can't wait to see what devs will come up with! Now that it's with every console, they can get creative.

hazardman1912d ago

Well if you look it the better playing in kinect games were the 1st party games. I pretty sure MS has Kinect covered. I mean they have dedicated developers for it.

asmith23061912d ago

So voice commands I assume. Big deal. Here is the deal with Kinect: no matter how powerful and accurate it gets, using motion controls to move around in 3D worlds is NOT feasible. You need more than a camera to do this.

corvusmd1912d ago

Good point, probably why this isn't how Kinect is being used. BTW PS4 shouldn't be used to make french fries

s45gr321911d ago

You are talking about the oculus rift. Which is what I am waiting for not this gimmicky kinect. I am talking about a device that uses virtual reality

Yetter1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

a camera and a thumbstick... I guess an omni directional treadmill would be able to pull it off. Pairing that with oculus, you've got a pretty decent VR setup I would imagine. Using Kinect as a controller supplement instead of a controller replacement is a great idea.

Paring it with something like this maybe?

xtremeimport1911d ago

Kinect voice features are actually, to me, pretty damn stupid.

You expect me to pay an extra $100 for a camera that I just end up using for voice commands. Tell me how that couldnt be done with a simple microphone?

This has always been a bit of a head scratcher to me.

redwin1911d ago

Kinect is a mic, and a camera, and a remote control and a sensor...I dare you not to buy a smartphone with a camera and a mic that does face recognition . Can u imagine? You go to your friends house to play and ad soo as u pick up the controller it can load your account ? I think it's cool.

spaceg0st1911d ago

i'm interested to see how it's incorporated. If it's mic based, and simple gesture based (like grenade throwing)... then its a $100 waste of time. But there DEFINITELY is potential to be cool, but i imagine more so for kinect based games.

Shadonic1911d ago

Really when it all comes down to it, how good the games turn out depends upon the developer. Considering how I've seen modders make kinect actually look good with a 3D world with free movement in skyrim, like it was really close to those indie films in future settings when they show VR games just with a lot more lag.

s45gr321911d ago

I accidentally disagreed meant to agree. Anyhow voice commands are nothing new. Remember the first Socom U. S. navy seals it used the microphone of your headset to issue commands. Now with kinect if it can bring what we saw with Milo and can bring the illumini room. Then yeah it will be innovative, if not is going to be a gimmick no more no less

xtremeimport1911d ago

I understand it does it all.
But, majority of its uses on the 360 are voice commands unless you're playing kinect specific games.

I dont understand how people disagree with me when I'm just stating something thats accurate from my experiences with the device. Of course, im talking kinect 1.

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Raiz1912d ago

we are yet to see something special kinect 2.0.. Ryse: Son of Rome was good but need to see something better

The Meerkat1912d ago

What is sad is that people were using Ryse as a reason to buy the Kinect 1.

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