1UP Yours 4/4 - "Kojima Working on New Game, Every Question in MG Universe Aswered in MGS4 And More"

Brad Shoemaker takes time out during his new pro leisure tour to come down for a guest spot in the fourth chair this week. He fesses up to having to play games just to get ready -- a tough job, but someone has to do it. And Shane finally spills the details from his trip to Japan with a full segment worth of Metal Gear Solid 4 love.

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Massacre3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

Great update. Shane describes the MGS4 experience as been surreal. He has never felt like this in his 10 years of been in the game industry.

EDIT: Quick MGS4 summary:

wow, Shane was so emotional describing the experience even when that Shawn guy was trying to d!ck on the game. I Hope he reviews it. The edge guy finished the game first, followed by IGN guy and then Shane.

The game looks really great and it's almost flawless except for one area which need tuning but it noting MAJOR but it would make the game even better if taken care of.

Every screeshot we have seen so far is from the first act and we have not seen anything yet. There are about 7 different acts. If you do not want anything spoiled for you, it would be smart to avoid all media says Shane.

Even when they were told to take a break, 13 out of the 16 people went back to play the game ( BECAUSE ITS THAT GOOOD) and 3 of them including Shane were just chilling.

Finally, Kojima is finished with MGS and won't be working on anymore however, he says he wants to work on something else (ZOE3 or Snatcher?).

Thats about it.

decapitator3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

Mass, fix the title, the date of the article is actually 4/4/08, you put last two weeks date instead.

EDIT: Thanks for the recap dude. People who don't wanna listen can read it.

Massacre3944d ago

Thanks. I fixed. Thanks for the tip..:)

DrPirate3944d ago

Wow that just sounds amazing.

The wait until June 12 is slowly winding down.

jackdoe3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

Those two other guys on the 1up show really pissed me off though. They tried to blast Konami and MGS4 which is just so stupid. WTF? They didn't know when MGS4 was coming out to begin with and yet they blast Kojima, Konami, and the whole MGS4 preview experience saying it was detrimental to the development process.

Amanosenpai3944d ago

U forgot the MOST important part of the interview,

Major spoiler lol ^_^ just get rid of numbers...

544545U 5435CAN53453 54CONTROL545545 45454BOOBS5445 545454WITH 5445454 UR SIXAXISSSSSSSSS545454545...... ... niceeeeeeeee

Skerj3944d ago

I always knew the screenshots were deliberately kept in the first area. I never forgot The Tanker and the Virtuous Mission.

sonarus3944d ago

hahaha yea amanosenpai. That ought to be pretty fun lol

Amanosenpai3944d ago

Thanks for the rep sonarus... i just cant wait to use my sixaxis ^^

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decapitator3944d ago

I am not even going to lie. I had goose bumps all over just listening to him say that. This game will be excellent.

yesah3943d ago

yep, its interesting to think about, MGS4 is a 50 gig game, to make anything less would be going back a step.

TriggerHappy3944d ago

<----------------- Awesome this game will be.

cellypower3944d ago

<----------------- Awesome this game will be.

Mr_Kuwabara3944d ago

<-------------- Awesome this character is.

InMyOpinion3944d ago

<----------- Awesome this computer...was :p

cjp4eva3944d ago

<---------- Awesome this crystal ball is.

LordZ3944d ago

<----------------- Awesome this anime is.

Rice3944d ago

<-------------- Awesome this guy is.

yesah3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

<------- Awsome Samurai.

SL1M DADDY3943d ago

<-------------- Awesome this guy is.

CrazedFiend3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

<---------------------- awesome this punch to your nose is.

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The Wood3944d ago

again, that's 3 times this week.

Hit me with your Metal Gear HK for I am ready

achira3944d ago

cant wait for that game. i will read nothing about it! i dont want to spoil it.

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