NZGamer: Condemned 2: Bloodshot Review - 'A satisfying experience, if you can handle the gore'

NZGamer writes: "Okay, so that was violent. Having just blasted through Condemned 2, I think it's safe to say that it's one of the more gory titles in recent memory. I can't think of many other games, for example, that let you crush someone's head in a gigantic vice. This level of violence can quickly get out of hand in some games, but in Condemned 2, the developers have managed to improve on the first game's better aspects, and minimized its faults, for an experience that's scary, visceral, and generally quite a lot of fun.

The original Condemned was released early in the life of the 360, and provided many thrills and scares, but also a fair amount of frustration. Essentially, the game could be described as a first person shooter that emphasizes melee combat (and executions) as much as gunplay. There were also some promising 'investigatory' elements that added a bit of variety to the gameplay."

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