4 Indie Developers Who Could Make Condemned 3

This month, Jace Hall - the CEO of Condemned creator Monolith Productions - expressed his interest in leaving the future of the Condemned franchise in the hands of an interested indie developer. It's obviously a series the studio has no intention of continuing in-house, which is a damn shame as despite its relatively poor commercial success, it's a cult classic and rightly so. However, the idea of opening the door to an indie to continue it forward is mouth-watering, and it's certainly got us thinking.
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TheSuperior 2904d ago

I would be more than interested in buying this if it were to come out. I think the condemned series was really neat and have really wanted another one for some time now.

SlappingOysters2903d ago

Yeah it was the only truly next-gen game at the launch of the Xbox 360

CoyoteHunter2904d ago

I could totally see Frictional Games taking this project on and doing a damn fine job of it. Simogo was a bit out of left field to me. I think the sort of game they would create may not fit the whole Condemned theme. But who knows? Regardless, I just want someone to take this bad boy on and continue the legacy!

Solidbrod2903d ago

I'm just a big fan of Simogo's style. I wouldn't mind seeing developers like Simogo and Tin Man Games going the Telltale road, applying their unique flair to established properties.

CoyoteHunter2903d ago

That would actually be pretty sick. Those sort of developer-game combinations could result in some incredibly awesome experiences!

sarahnade2903d ago

Frictional Games should totally make Condemned 3. I really hope they've put their hand up for it.

SlappingOysters2903d ago

what about the Outlast guys?

Solidbrod2903d ago

Visually, Outlast could pass as a Condemned game, easy. I just never found it all that scary, at least past the first few scares. But I agree, definitely worthy of a mention.

shipnabottle2902d ago

Wow Simogo is a really out of the box suggestion. Sometimes those are the best kind.