GameSpy: Baja Preview

GameSpy writes: "At this week's THQ Gamers Day event, we got to see the first game from 2XL Studios, Baja. This is an off-road racer that focuses on huge, open racing areas. The founders of 2XL formerly ran Rainbow Studios, which does the MX vs. ATV series for THQ, so Baja's focus on letting cars of multiple classes race against each other -- in the dirt -- wasn't a huge surprise. Its use of licenses and realistic tuning options were nice surprises, though, as well as the variety of events, though we didn't leave the event particularly wowed by its graphical punch.

Baja lets you race cars ranging from sprightly go-karts all the way up to multi-million dollar trophy trucks through the desert. Buggies and 4x4s fill out the middle classes, with licensed Baja racing teams and licensed parts to customize your vehicles with. In short, there's just as much variety of metal and rubber as you'd expect to see at the Baja 1000."

-Huge race areas
-Wide variety of vehicles
-Long race
-Dollar-value damage modeling

-Visuals take the hit for scale
-Somewhat saturated genre

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