PM: Baja: Edge of Control Review


"At the heart of it all, Baja Career is where it all comes together: A desert rat's dusty dream come true, where the mother lode of racing circuits awaits in vehicles ranging from the 80-horsepower Baja Bug to the 800-horsepower Trophy Truck, sandwiched between Unlimited VW, 4x4, Open Wheel, Mini Truck, Fullsize Truck, and Class 1 Ltd. (and when all that dust settles, the coolest bonus vehicles on the planet). There are two ways to make money in Baja: Edge of Control, by placing in the top three or via contingency sponsorship, whereby various corporations pay you cash money to plaster their logo all over your panels-the only catch being you've got to cross the finish with them still attached to the car. You can call the support chopper for mechanical repairs, but they don't carry duct tape, so play nice. Earning credits allows you to buy new vehicles and modify the one you've got in the game's streamlined, easy-in-easy-out parts interface, storing each passing vehicle in your garage (to utilize elsewhere in the game at your discretion) as you progress. You can go as far as fine-tuning shock rebound and bounce, brake bias and gear ratios, or stick with presets: manage your oil pressure, tires, brakes, shocks and clutch or turn them all off. The level of simulation is almost entirely user defined. You can even lock down the camera-simply click the right analog stick when you find your sweet spot and there it stays. This is one game that I can say truly has it all: the gamut of online and multiplayer components, a perfectly suited narrative/tutorial and interface, dynamic audio, awesome video segments, tons of achievements and unlockables, and who knows how many other nuggets buried under all that desert (there's gotta be an old Hodaka Wombat or two under all that sand). And not an ounce of it at the expense of the core game, which happens to be groundbreaking."

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