GamePyre Review: Baja Edge Of Control

GamePyre Writes:

"After about five hours of racing and not getting anywhere I decided to call it quits when I started having an almost uncontrollable desire to chunk my Xbox 360 at the nearest wall and smash it in a thousand pieces. It is a great shame that THQ released a game with so much content, great graphics and decent sound but put absolutely no time in the game's gameplay and controls.

Personally, I don't even think that this game is worth a rent, but if you have your heart set on it, do yourself a favor and rent it first because unless you are rich you are going to feel offended and ripped off. There was absolutely no joy or fun to this game because of the controls and if it wasn't for the format and the categories that I have to follow when I give the numerical score for the game, I would give this game a 0 without any hesitation"

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