Metal Gear Solid 4 sees silver fox on U.S. box

An Old Snake is featured on the U.S. box of Konami Corp.'s Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, the highly anticipated next installment in the stealth action franchise.

The full portrait shot of an ageing protagonist is a strong theme for the franchise, who continues to fight in a war against series villain Liquid Snake in the latest installment.

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iAmPS33847d ago

Looks like he is ready to kill someone.

sonarus3847d ago

Getting CE but this box art is solid

AlterEgo3847d ago

hmm...we'll see how official this is

MGS boxarts have never been this style

i think they'll keep the yoji shinkawa artwork

time will tell

here it is for those who can't find it:

s8anicslayer3847d ago

after getting my preorder beta key and switching my reserve order to a limited edition, i can't wait to play this game, sony should use this anticipation the way microsoft used halo 3 and with those limited metal gear ps3 bundles sony should be at 17 million user base by august

crimsonfox3847d ago

but i would be mad if i saw slurpee's

KratosKilla3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

Anyone check out the bundle pic. It's white. Has the DS3 Logo and PSN. It also has the cover art on it.

Sev3847d ago

Thats the official box art, and thats the official Bundle pic.

The White will really make it stand out.

BTW its not a white PS3, just a white box.

The theme of an aging protagonist is really getting to me. I wrote a great article about what it means to me... Old Snake... Meet Old Sev.
I guess if anyone wants to read it, you can google it.

I would post a link to my blog here, but the N4G police will report me.

Forgranted3847d ago

isn't the PS3 gunmetal and not the glossy black... and if thats wrong the game case may be too

Greysturm3847d ago

No confirmation on US or Euro color but my guess is it is gonna be black.

AlterEgo3847d ago

sev, i'll check it out

and forgranted...thats only in Japan :(

Sev3847d ago

Thanks bud, I put a lot of work into my articles, and I wish I had more people reading them. My blog is 13 days old, and I am just under 20K hits.

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The story is too old to be commented.