ESRB tidbits: Elefunk gets a release window and two PSone titles get re-rated

Greg Miller, IGN, writes: "If you thought the Entertainment Software Rating Board was just around to keep little Timmy from getting his hands on the bloodiest games, you're wrong -- it's really here to give us clues as to what titles are coming to the PSN.

The latest ratings from the ESRB include an E for the PSN puzzler Elefunk along with re-ratings of Pandemonium (a 2D platformer rated E) and Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain (M). Does the fact that these three titles -- one brand new and two PSone classics, respectively -- mean that they'll be popping up on the PlayStation Store sooner rather than later?"

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Sangria4240d ago

The first of Legacy Of Kain series...
*praying for a Soul Reaver on PSstore*

bOOmStiCK4240d ago

Right there with ya! Soul Reaver was amazing!

Mcrmarcher4240d ago

Sweet love LOK series good memories, Hopefully they make a new one id love that.

Seraphim4240d ago

Probably not going to happen. Crystal Dynamics is now in charge of the Tomb Raider series. Even if a new title in the LoK series emerged I'd be skeptical that a new team would deliver... I would like to see Crystal Dynamics make one last LoK though. Even if was just Defiance revamped and tweaked for next gen consoles I'd be happy. Despite all the bugs Defiance was a solid game and I'd love to see it done w/ next gen visuals.

Still have my copy of LoK Blood Omen but would gladly buy it off PSN to play on my PSP. Blood Omen was easily one of my top 5 faves on the PS, and a great game that would probably still stand the tests of time... Funny thing is I was just thinking this past week about how cool it would be to see Blood Omen offered via PSN. Let's hope it's coming. ;)

Fallen_Angel4240d ago

Dont think LoK ever had a rating before could just be that they are just now giving it one. Also this game was banned. So unless that ban has been left and it might of for all I know. Then I dont think it will come to the psn

Seraphim4240d ago

Rated "M" for Mature. Most, if not all PS games were rated as the ratings system was in place before the PS released...

And I don't recall this game ever being banned. At least not in the US. I could certainly be wrong, but I don't recall ever hearing about it...

Fallen_Angel4239d ago

It was only banned in a few select states in the us. I tried buying I copy I believe when I was in Colorado and was told that they didnt carry the game was it was banned in that state. He also told me it was banned in afew other states. I checked around at other just to be sure but no one carried it. I got a copy of it a couple months later in texas I think.

Dark General4240d ago

Woot i definitely want to play the original Blood Omen, i beat BO2 but i never beat Soul Reaver (pretty difficult since there isn't much direction of where you need to go but still has a great storyline and gameplay). I hope they put up the original Soul Reaver for download as well. I'd definitely buy both... That is, as soon as they release those PSN cards.