Media Molecule's PS4 Project Made Shuhei Yoshida’s Mind ‘Stop Functioning’

Though Shuhei Yoshida, President of Worldwide Studios is featured a lot on PSLS (he’s so cute!), he won’t replace Kaz as #1 in our hearts. But, if keeps up his awesome streak via his Twitter account, Kaz could be dethroned one day. - PSLS

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Abash3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

It's a new IP, last I heard LittleBigPlanet 3 was being made by SumoDigital (they created the Cross-Controller level pack for LittleBigPlanet 2)

grassyknoll3995d ago

I heard rumours it maybe at Gamescom this year.

FlameHawk3995d ago

@grassyknoll, I feel like you pulled that out of your butt.

abzdine3995d ago

wow now i wanna know more

Mr_Nuts3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

God I hope LBP3 will introduce 3D levels aswell as more 2.5 stuff

Imagine the stuff you could create with massive 3D worlds.

badz1493995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

like 3D Dot Game Heroes? or Minecraft?

ginsunuva3995d ago

where did you hear that???

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greenlantern28143995d ago

Whatever they are doing will be pretty cool if they bring lbp 3 or something new either way MM will deliver.

ftwrthtx3995d ago

No one can replace Kaz in our hearts.

ChozenWoan3995d ago

he's taking more profile pics for all the animated gifs that will come out after Games Con.

Godmars2903995d ago

Now that people have forgiven him for that "thing" he once said...

wenaldy3995d ago


Muerte24943995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

is soooo original." says the Xbox fanboy.

Shuhei Yoshida chuckles as he says: "Ha ha ha, phew..... sure it is." While he observes Media Molecule's upcoming ps4 title.

theWB273995d ago

Why are you Sony boys so threatened by what Microsoft does? You haven't seen anything on Media Molecules next game, but you have seen Project Spark and it looks legit. But since it's not coming to a playstation console you degrade it.

I think Project Spark has been pretty impressive according to most except for the most ardent, blind Sony fanboys.

ziggurcat3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

it's probably not being picked on because it's an xbone title, and not coming to playstation. it's probably being picked on because playstation owners have been enjoying titles that have a user-created content aspect to it for years (LBP, modnation racers, infamous 2, echochrome, sound shapes, etc...), and MS is a little late catching on (and minecraft is garbage, so...).

theWB273995d ago

You do know you just contradicted yourself right? It's not being picked on because it's an X1 title, it's just being picked on cause Sony owners have been enjoying this type of game for years. So they're picking on it cause it's an X1 title that came too late.

In other words...that's the exact reason it's being picked on by insecure fanboys. Different strokes for different folks...but the popularity of Minecraft lets me know a ton of people think otherwise.

TheOneEyedHound3995d ago

Just Stfu. Project Spark is LBP 2.5.

theWB273995d ago

There you go oneeyedhound. Just stfu..spark lbp 2.5 so now all user generated games are sony clones. You crying? You mad someone said something about "the precious?" Get over it muchacho.

karl3995d ago

im sorry.. but we are just having fun at the xone expenses and its games..

u probably feel more threatened by the ps4 than we by the xone

the system clearly has no chance this gen .. soo there is no need to name it or its games except for the fun of it...

and again.. im just messing with u...

Hicken3995d ago

There's no contradiction.

As ziggurcat said: PS fans have been enjoying games in the vein of Project Spark for some time now. Yet MS fans are touting the game as if it's some super original concept. Whether it's impressive or not is irrelevant, really, where this is concerned.

By the way, where were you when MS fans were saying the same thing about LBP? Or when they were irrationally attacking the PS3, in general?

theWB273995d ago

People are touting it as a good looking game. I've yet to see someone say it's so original. That's the insecurity Sony fans carry. If a game gets praise the first thing is to prove this game did it first or did it better.

Where was I...I didn't join this site until almost 2 years ago when I discovered it. So I don't know what happened during the earlier years of these system launches. I do see this is a insecure site when it comes to anything Micro related. So the first thing to do is berate it as much as possible.

fsfsxii3995d ago

I'm sorry, but i agree with oneeyedhound
Project spark is nothing original, the level creation seems to be LBP but easier and doesn't require knowing anything and collecting items in levels to unlock more stuff

friedricr3995d ago

lol. you're the only one getting so worked up over nothing...

greenlantern28143995d ago

I will say project spark looked interesting but there is a lot we don't know about that game. Where people have seen lbp,lbp 2 and lbp carting so they know what to expect from the game.
The thing about the spark demo at e3 a lot of stuff they showed was " done already" so I would like to know how easy it will be to create stuff.
But play create share is nothing new. But I do see potential in spark in fact I thought that was 1 of the more interesting games ms showed.

mattdillahunty3994d ago

"and minecraft is garbage, so"

so...one of the most popular games in the world, one of the best user-creation games ever, which also happens to be on damn near every platform EXCEPT Playstation, is all of a sudden garbage? just because you want to act like Playstation is some haven for user-creation?

whatever helps you sleep at night, i guess.

PC has had user-created content for much longer than the PS3, and it has done it 1000x better with mods and the like. so stop trying to act like the PS3 is gods gift to user creation.

itspeaks3994d ago

Can we all try to remember that most of the features that are being touted in respect to Project Spark are features that only developers and programmers will be able to make use of. Project Spark is a programming game for a next gen console, LBP 2 used predefined bits of code that could be mixed and matched by the player to create a desired outcome. Project Spark is a development tool and LBP 2 was a real game. That isn't sony fanboyism, that is exactly what the industry was saying at E3 when Spark was shown off on stage.

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fOrlOnhOpe573995d ago

MM must have given Microsoft High Command, several showings :) lol

elhebbo163995d ago

The sculpting demo MM showed back in the first PS4 conference was mind blowing imo.