Playing Fable 2 For the First Time

Fable 2 had its fans, but how does it stack up today in the presence of more refined open world games? Especially though the eyes of the uninitiated?

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aLucidMind2553d ago

It stacks up in a few instances, but it is mediocre at bet in most things in the game. It's still a good game to play, even now; but it isn't one that you'll be coming back to constantly. It's just a fun type of game that is somewhat different, which is all that is really left of its charm. Once plaid two or three times, what is left of that charm is long gone despite being remembered as a decent but fun/entertaining game.

Fromage2552d ago

...It didn't stack up terribly well against open world games of it's time, or even earlier for that matter. There's nothing terribly -wrong- with Fable two (see Fable Three for that) but it's just so pedestrian and unambitious that it's depressing.

MizTv2552d ago

Fable 1 was awesome but 2 not so much