Dragon’s Crown Will Require About 20 Hours To Complete Just The Story Mode With Each Character

When Atlus confirmed the price of Dragon’s Crown, many complained because what they saw as a small game was sold at nearly full price ($49.99 for PS3 and $39.99 for PS Vita), but today Atlus confirmed that that the game isn’t a small one at all.

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wishingW3L4006d ago

this is like an indie game being sold for full price. =/

Abriael4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

Only this game is a lot bigger than the usual indie games, has more features, replayability, assets made with a higher degree of quality, by a bigger team (which costs more money).

The price is entirely justified, and people need to stop being cheap.

Just because it's a side scroller, it doesn't make it "Like an indie game".

Dinoegg_964006d ago

You forgot to mention the beautiful art of the game.

despair4006d ago

agreed, it will have so much depth from what I've seen so far, so very excited for this.

Inception4006d ago

Lol, Vanillaware isn't indie because they got formed by veteran people from ex-Atlus. And i'm gladly pay $50 buck ($40 for Vita) for Dragon's Crown.

Hell, Vanillaware can take all of my money if they can bring me game as beautifull as Odin Sphere, Muramasa, or Dragon's Crown in every f*kin year ^^

ForeAllEternity4006d ago

I'm glad I had it pre-ordered during E3 promo just because it was made by Vanillaware. Now I'll sit back and wait for it delivered to my doorstep on release day.

despair4006d ago

Buying the vita one now (getting xillia CE as well for PS3 so its convenient they release same day), but will get the PS3 one as well sometime down the road. This (and Xillia) are all I plan to play until GTA V comes out.

despair4006d ago

Don't let the look fool you, its a vanillaware game and if you know their previous work you'll know its more than worth full price.

FamilyGuy4006d ago

1. This isn't an indie game
2. It isn't being sold for full price
3. ....?
4. Profit!

shuuwai4006d ago

E3 2013 sale, I got for 26.99 CDN dollars from futureshop.ca heh

bjmartynhak4006d ago

Old-school, not indie.

But, yeah, could be $10 cheaper though

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ifritAlkhemyst4006d ago

I thought this was hitting PC too. Hopefully it's a bit less than $49.99 there. Unless this game offers much more than a simple Valiant Heroes style I won't be paying that much for it.

Abriael4006d ago

They never said it'll hit PC, and it probably won't.

And yes, it offers a lot more, as that kind of games is normally completed in 4-5 hours max.

ifritAlkhemyst4006d ago

That sucks. I was looking forward to playing it.

kagon014006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

This is so damn good, I'm so gonna get it day 1 hopefully. The flaw is that it might be as repetitive as Odin Sphere, but it has the replay value I want, something that many games this gen and next gen won't offer...

TheTwelve4006d ago

I'll let ya'll buy it at full price and tell me how it is. If if's good, I'll pick it up.