Watch Dogs on Xbox One will have a more dynamic city compared to Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4

Watch Dogs producer Dominic Guay drops a bombshell saying that the Xbox One version of Watch Dogs will have a more dynamic city.

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boybato3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

cloud powah!!!!!

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Aceman183884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

wow so this website took the original article from nowgamer and twisted into this flamebait article. game journalism is truly sad if they have to resort to this level.

the real article refers to both systems since they'll be using dedicated servers they just happened to say xbox as an example. do people actually believe a 3rd party would anger one base over another?

click the link below to see how easy it is to find articles that say both versions will be pushed further?


slampunk3884d ago

The article you linked was from Feb when the XB1 hadn't been announced?

LaChance3884d ago

Article from february dude, a lot of things have changed since then, like the XOne actually being revealed. Just a little detail I thought you would like to know.

So no, no matter how hard you wish this story is fake it isnt. Yeah hard to sallow huh ... with all the 8GB GDDR ram and what not lol.

Aceman183884d ago


that my be so, but i stand by my statement that a major 3rd devs/publisher wouldn't willingly anger one base over the other.

both versions will have dynamic city as both are more powerful than current gen. also PS4 is easier to develop for why exactly can't they do the same for it?

Skips3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )



^^^ THE ACTUAL ARTICLE. Published on July 1st...

"Watch Dogs producer Dominic Guay says it will "take a little while before we can get to the full power of those machines", in reference to PS4 and Xbox One."

^^^ Did you see that? "In reference to PS4 AND Xbox One".

LMFAO! Nowhere does it say Xbox One will have an advantage over PS4. XD

This particular article claiming "Watch Dogs on Xbox One will have a more dynamic city compared to Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4" is nothing but flamebait and you fell for it! LOL!!!!

He's talking about NEXT GEN in general...

Ala "He also spoke about some of the advantages next-gen power affords Watch Dogs."

MysticStrummer3884d ago

Yeah the Watch Dogs article with "PS4 advantages"
in the title talks about these same things and says both systems will have the same level of "dynamism" to the city, and the same "onscreen result", meaning there won't be more NPCs on XBox's streets than on PS4's.

This article is the definition of flame bait.

No FanS Land3884d ago

@Sonic2000 at the end of the article you linked, it does say that they can push dynamism better on the xbox one. without mentioning the PS4. Did you purposely omit this info?

PFFT3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

The game will be great on both consoles so WHOCARES!

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nnotdead3884d ago

This is flamebait. the writer has mixed interviews to make it looks as though Guay is comparing the PS4 to the XB1. He wasn't. In one interview Guay was talking about the next gen being able to do more in the game than the current gen. In another interview Guay is just talking about possibilities in using cloud computing. Nothing about using to make the game better on any other console.

"There are occasions where there will be an advantage(to using the cloud), but it's clear in the short term there's plenty of power within the machines. That's where our engineers are working." Maybe I'm miss reading now, but it seem Guay is stating that they aren't even using the cloud for watch dogs.

This is as low as it gets. How any mod can allow this is beyond me. This isn't just some weak opinion piece. The site and all its supporters are passing this off as news. Fake news that can have real world effects. Get off your ass Mods and at least pretend you are trying to run an honest site.

brave27heart3883d ago

Real, fake, taken out of context, legitimate, misquoted, fact...

I dont care. I still wouldnt touch an Xbox 1 after the stunts they've pulled.

I dont care if every multiplat looks better on Xbox 1, or if the Xbox 1 is ten times more powerful, the PS4 is my choice because Sony didnt try to screw gamers over. Microsoft did and thats fact. Changing your mind counts for nothing when you only did it because your worried about your bottom line.

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CyberSentinel3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

I can't wait till games "require" 6-8 gigs of "dedicated" on board system ram. Will the "cloud" be able to pick up the slack/lack? Things should get interesting then.

thekhurg3884d ago

They won't. Xbox one will be the multiplatform standard this generation. We'll have to wait for ps4 exclusives for hardware to be pushed.

denawayne3884d ago

Xbox One has access to 7 gigs of ram for games if needed

RetroGqmer3884d ago

Ah, the "cloud", it's amazing how a marketing buzz word can change perceptions about something as dull as online storage/servers. Better still, whenever a difficult question is asked, the powers that be at Microsoft can say, "the cloud will deal with that", knowing full well it's an intangible service which is so difficult to show whether it has any great benefit at all, never mind being essential.

Right now, all we can go on are people like Digital Foundry, they can cut through the marketing speak and tell us how little use the "cloud" actually is to shift data back and forth. You see, unlike video/game streaming, which can be compressed, you can't do that with raw game data, so the actually benefit of the "cloud" for gameplay improvements is negligible, as we'll see when TitanFall completes it's Xbox One exclusivity period, and comes to PS4.

The "cloud" is also part of the Playstation ecosystem, there'll be dedicated servers for titles like DriveClub, streaming content from "Gaikai", and whatever other services Sony wish to offer.

CyberSentinel3884d ago


I believe Xbox180 only uses 5 gigs for games, and 3 gigs are reserved for the 3 OS's.


Probably won't matter for the first 3 years, but once games require more then 5 gigs, things could get very interesting.

loulou3884d ago


from what i have read, the hypervisor in the xbox 1 can shut down ram using applications if need be. so what denawayne said is correct.

if a game needs more ram, then the hypervisor will allocate it the correct amount.

CyberSentinel3884d ago


If that's the case, then the games really shouldn't be that different from each other on both platforms.

rainslacker3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

@dena & loulou

I've searched for a link stating that from an official source, however, the only thing I can find saying 7GB's will be available for games is from one guy who is speculating based on what they know about hypervisor, and doing it in a way that isn't even entirely accurate or considering how the Xbox is intended to be used.

Perhaps one of you two could link an official statement to that effect, since I know there are a few people here parroting it like it's the absolute truth.

I would seriously like an official source link. I am not trying to discredit you on your belief, but if you're going to make an argument, at least be able to back it up.

rainslacker3883d ago

OK, I don't normally worry about disagrees but for the people disagreeing with me asking for an official source that 7GB will be made available for games, how about actually posting an official source instead.

I understand you want it to be true. Hell I want it to be true. But unless you can post something official, can you sit there and honestly say it's true and believe it yourself? Do you have enough respect for yourself to go find if this 7GB available for games is even true? Or do you just want to believe what you want because it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

Trust me, before asking for a link like this, I went to look myself. I searched hard for it. If it were true I would have back up denawayne's and loulou's argument with more technical information and links myself. I may hate MS right now, but I will give them credit where it is due.

I am aware of the article that people are referencing to get this number, and it's not an official source. It's a guy speculating on the use of hypervisor in the X1. And as I said, he disregards certain aspects of the X1's functionality to come to his conclusion, namely the multi-tasking features of the X1 OS itself which is reliant on those services running.

So please, Xbox fans who want this to be true, do something positive and prove me wrong. Make me a believer. This is your chance. Don't ignore criticism, address it in a constructive way.

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RedHawkX3884d ago

im never giving this site a shot again. sorry dudes make better article and not lies you chump

kewlkat0073884d ago

The power of the cloud is so frowned upon by users not getting the XB1. If you cannot see the dynamic advantages with certain games, then I don't know.

At least give MS credit for trying to bring something new to gaming on consoles. The infrastructure will be there, MS is paying for it, so devs will have all the tools to take advantage if they choose to.

I think they will.

avengers19783884d ago

It's also frowned upon by tech people like digital foundry, and if you need the cloud how well do all these games function without it?

kewlkat0073884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

You really think the games will not function out the box if cloud is not involved?

I think it will enhance certain games..especially multiplayer online, big world games, where, even if your not playing things will be continuously added, evolve and change.

As much as developers program certain functions to take place in a game, at a certain time, when a certain thing happens, you don't have to stick to these rules depending on environment or locations in game, or after 24 hours.

The things is, console's have never used this added benefit so why there are a lot of questions on what games and how will it be implemented, well that is up to the devs. I doubt MS investing in 300K servers to sit there and be useless.

thekhurg3884d ago

With Microsoft allowing offline play the cloud has been proven to be nothing more than a PR stunt. It's a glorified dedicated server architecture with a new name.

avengers19783884d ago

I didn't say they wouldn't function, I'm questioning how well they will work without the cloud.... Considering they are talking about the games basically needing the cloud.

dennett3163884d ago

The largest benefit of cloud computing is for the developers and publishers, because it becomes a kind of always online DRM. The actual benefit to gamers will be minimal.
I'd be happier if neither system had cloud functions because it will simply encourage DRM.

moparful993883d ago

" I doubt MS investing in 300K servers to sit there and be useless."

Or maybe its just a marketing tool? Considering all of the questionable and unorthodox methods Microsoft has used to gain a marketable advantage over the years is it really so far fetched that this is nothing more then a dedicated server farm with a buzz word like "the cloud" to incite interest and increase exposure? Until somebody, anybody gives me tangible evidence that "the cloudz" has any benefits outside of dedicated servers its nothing more then a marketing ploy...

husomc3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

new to gaming ? how do u thing MMORPGs have been running all these years. the 'power of the cloud' has been in use all along. and what about cloud saves that's being done across all platforms. also Gaikai uses a boat load of servers to provide game streaming services. and now MS want to make it sound as if 'the power of the cloud' is the second coming of christ.

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II3884d ago

The city is in the clouds... kinda like bioshock infinite haha