Why is PS4 the only option according to Edge?

The german website has summarized why the british magazin Edge thinks the PS4 is the only option for next-gen gamer.

The original website is in german.

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MariaHelFutura1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Because it's the best console for the best price. I could list the reasons, but we all already know them. The PS4 is the best console and everyone agrees. It's hurts some peoples feelings, but that doesn't stop it from being true. End of story.

coolmastermarktwo1958d ago

Nothing to add here, you've just nailed it. Bro!

JokesOnYou1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Its weird how an article that regurgitates and old article while adding nothing new is passed, but if its positive for xbox then its marked quickly as duplicate, or fix this, fix that, add a period stalling tactics even though its focusing and discussing a particular point that dev made, like this:

Selective censorship at its finest, huh mods?

Anyway I disagree with Edge on this one, my reasons are X1 showed better games for my liking at E3, xbox live online gaming community has always been better than psn and now playing online is no longer free on ps4, X1 brings more to the table in terms of functionality than ps4(TV,UI,Skype,Twitch,Snap Mode,Updates), simply put it does more things than the ps4, and finally X1 is a better value for long term given Kinect is included compared to ps4 camera= less support, then of course microsofts infrastructure with Azure is superior to sonys Gaikai service, Respawn talked in detail how Azure can be used as dedicated servers which is a huge plus and even 3rd party devs like Ubi are starting to confirm its a plus and why Watch Dogs producer Dominic Guay said this: "It’s what I call dynamism; basically, the way the city reacts to you, we are able to push further on the Xbox One." -So Kinect/Azure both look to lead to better gameplay now and definitely in the future.

KentBlake1958d ago


Problem is, even if you like MS exclusives more than the ones from Sony, MS showed almost every exclusive they have in development right now. Sony still has a lot of first party studios with unannounced games. By the end of the year, Sony will have a lot more exclusives than MS. Face it, MS simply can't compete with Sony on 1st party games.

Conzul1958d ago (Edited 1957d ago )


There's no such thing as an Xbox with better titles. Hell, Ninty has better games than Microsoft Studios.

Edit: You're right about the in-crowd, though. I'm getting tired of all the Playstation stroking going on all the time. Even if it's 100% true, it's getting boring.

nukeitall1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )


Yup, n4g is severely biased. I see mods that consistently fails an article on rules that only apply to one console, not the other.

It's sad really, because as a gamer I want to see variety of news including stuff about Nintendo and Xbox, not just Playstation.

Oh well, maybe someone will find the time to create a competitor free of such blatant

A perfect example is this article! It adds nothing, is based off really old news (we are talking months) and barely has any paragraphs with all empty text.

Negative Xbox, positive Playstation, let's approve it!!!

Yet the story about Watchdogs has a more dynamic city on Xbox One, I haven't even heard of. This crap opinion has been repeated gazillion times.

XabiDaChosenOne1957d ago

@nukeitall and jokesonyou
Stop crying, the quote was taken out of context since the watch dog dev's statement was making a comparison to current gen consoles not to the PS4. It the article was pure flamebait and it deserved to fail.
As for the Respawn dev speaking out on the cloud capabilities of the Xbox one it pretty much confirms what everyone has been saying. They are just dedicated servers, no more, no less.

OSIRUSSS1957d ago

Anyone that doesn't like this site is free to go elsewhere.This place would be better off without you anyway with the constant crying!

aceitman1957d ago

sorry that there is so much good news coming out for ps4 , that's what happens when a company does the right thing there is so much good going on for sony that some people cant stand it , but they sure did love reading the articles about ps3 being doomed and so high in price , im happy for sony and glad they listen to the feed back from gamers and devs. its ms turn to get the bad rap that they created for thinking they where on the high horse. no fanboy stuff here I have all consoles wii u also but ms laid there bed out for everyone to sleep in and it will be hard for them to wake up from this mess ms made.

DragonKnight1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

@JokesOnYou: If you look underneath all the reports, you'll see "Failed by Community." That means the mods had nothing to do with it. Also, you can't argue against duplicate story reports unless the story isn't a duplicate, so complaining that that article was failed is pointless if there was a story that was approved that already discussed what was in the failed article. What's more likely is that you read the title, saw it was a positive Xbox One title, and are complaining that that post failed without even reading the original, non-duplicate article with the correct title.

As a matter of fact, the correct title is "Next-Gen: 'It Will Take A While To Use Full Power Of Those Machines' Says Watch Dog Producer" but of course that doesn't scream of positive Xbox One PR so let's complain that N4G is just drowning out anything positive about the Xbox One when the two articles literally say the same thing but one chose to have the title focus on an unprovable aspect instead of the whole story.

I won't touch on your reasons for liking X1 over PS4 because they are your reasons, but stop buying into "da cloud" hype. It's all hype and no substance. Dedicated servers aren't "cloud power" and Titanfall can be done on even the Wii U with dedicated servers.

Cloud power is, like I've said several times, this gen's "4D, 120FPS, 1080p games."

@nukeitall: You're not using the system. Look at the info, look who approved it, report it as being old. The mods don't fail or approve as many articles as you think. If you want to see who approved or failed an article, it's always on the right side of the screen. This site is setup for automatic approvals and failure under specific conditions so that the mods can have a hands off approach until necessary for them to get involved.

morganfell1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

"I'm getting tired of all the Playstation stroking going on all the time. Even if it's 100% true, it's getting boring."

A few months since February and you've had enough? Really?

TRY YEARS, YEARS of articles on this forum and everywhere else about the demise of Sony, Sony should quit, Sony should get out of the gaming business, Sony will finish last this generation, Why Sony will not have another console, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah on and on and ad nauseum on.

FOR YEARS. And a few months is bothering you?

Sony listened to gamers and developers and now some want to downplay that? "Yeah lets play up the other articles about a company that wanted to server itself and the corporations first!" Woohoo!!!!

What is even more laugable is that people who are crying such as Jokes were some of the chief offenders in trying to kick Sony in the jimmys every chance he had. I have news. It's called karma, it's called comeuppance, it's coming like a hurricane and it's deserved for a lot of reasons.

It's deserved because MS tried to lead a charge to do the worst thing that has ever been done to gamers. The only amazing thing, no puzzling, well not even that really because I understand blind egoism, is some people remain so loyal to them after their attempt to pull off the single largest rights robbery in the history of gaming.

Here is a fact. Sony has a more powerful machine. Period. Nothing is going to change that this generation. Not stories of the mythical cloud, not fairies or pixies dust, not even tales of Don mattrick's departure. Sony has always had a far more diverse catalogue of games and there is nothing that points to that changing. Period.

It's deserved because MS chose casual living room grannies and TV over gamers first.

It's deserved because everything MS touches in the gaming world becomes lesser. And the more they handle it the less it becomes. Sony hasn't shown half of what they have for the PS4 with Gamescom and TGS still to come and plenty of announcements at both. This blowout could actually wind up uglier for MS than anyone realizes.

I am getting that PS2 vibe except this time Sony doesn't just have momentum, they also have the hardware advantage. If you don't want to hear about Sony crushing the competition you might want to leave the gaming world for a generation.

1957d ago
coolmastermarktwo1957d ago

@morganfell, this is the absolute best comment on N4G in the last couple of months. I take my hat off to you, Sir! Well done!

DigitalRaptor1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

@ nukeitall,

N4G is absolutely selectively biased. It's not that there's been a steady stream of positive news about PS4 over the past many months and negative news and rumours and suspicions regarding Microsoft over the past few months end up being true, whilst that company still continues to put its foot in its mouth and both discourage and disrespect gamers and consumers everywhere (except perhaps not so much in the U.S. - their last stronghold).

None of these articles you've seen that are written by gamers and journalists everywhere exist exclusively on N4G. Microsoft's actions, not just in the past few months, but over many years, have forced this reaction you call "bias".

At this stage, even though you're entitled to your opinions on which games are better, the Xbox One was gimped from the start by a company that wants to convert their gaming brand into a "broad entertainment", a more controlled environment for games than ever before, and lastly, what we've been saying about the company you loyally support just happens to be true as they've proven themselves. But bringing out the "biased" card is old and weak.

Regardless of your view on what is biased on this site, i'd support your favourite company if they weren't so anti-consumer and weren't a company who's leaders (including their CEO) sees this sort of attiude as their future.

@ JokesOnYou,

All I saw there was a bunch of stuff you're excited about that is non-gaming related (things I can do on my other devices that serve better on devices that are dedicated and for free to boot) and excuses you've made up as to why you think the Xbox is more "future-proof" and "better value". The generic "cloud" beliefs are in there, even though there's no evidence to suggest they're more than just a bunch of dedicated servers that Gaikai and Sony together can together supply. A camera doesn't make your console future-proof either

What is future proof is providing deep, intuitive, powerful, gamer-focused design and architecture for a console that is focused on the benefits it can bring to gaming experiences rather than a 'multimedia wondermachine' you see as XB1 that serves no purpose other than a jack of all trades, master of none endgame to sell units to a larger demographic outside of games.

Like I said to nukeitall, you're entitled to your opinions on what you think makes a better console for youself, but that in no way indicates serving the gamer or the industry better than the way Sony is going.

Your're going to see an overwhelming amount of positivity this entire generation for Sony and PS4. There's no changing that - bias doesn't even come into play. There's no changing the most powerful console of the eighth generation of consoles. There's no changing Sony's consumer, gamer and developer focused attitude because it's enabling them to trample the competition. Your're also going to see a fair degree of criticim of Microsoft and Xbox One this entire generation, not because of bias, but because of decisions made purely by MS. So I suggest you stop crying and learn to do what Adam Orth suggested people do about DRM that we fought against.

sparta761957d ago

@ jokes
That link just talks about servers, nothing about xbox1 being more powerful.
The funny thing about the link on watch dogs there is an article on the front page here where they say there WON'T be any differences between the box and ps4.

Why are Xbox fans seriously still going on about the cloud? It is extremely pathetic already.

PS4 has cloud tech too you know. Shuhei even responded to you Xbox fans asking if the PS4 could in fact offload in the same manner to increase overall power. His answer was yes, yes it can with Gaikai the same exact way.

Both systems have it. Only difference is one company is banking on that solely because they know their system specs are weaker and they can't talk that up, so why not act like the cloud can save it.

Knowing the PS4 is better hardware wise and uses the same technology the Xbox One will be using. Is it really even a competition? I don't think it is.

Enjoy your Xbox One games and leave it at that because it just isn't as powerful as the dang PS4. Just face it, can't stand people who just refuse to accept reality and instead create their own.

Tru_Ray1957d ago


That was awesome, man!

It baffles me that evangelists like Jokesonyou can be steadfastly loyal to MSFT after their blatant attempt to screw over their consumers.

I know that fanboys love their consoles of choice with a blind partiality, but supporting the Bone at this point seems contrary to reason.

Mark my words, they will do everything in their power to implement their DRM policy in the future.

PS4 is the obvious choice at this point. We can play Titanfall on PC.


CoolBeansRus1957d ago

The article should be name, "Why PS4 is the better option". PS4 is not the ONLY option and saying so will only make them look like fools 5 years from now. Specially since neither system is on the market.

karl1957d ago


great speech man.. i cant add anything.

im sure a lot of loyal MS fanboys kept their mouth shut after reading your comment...


TGS and GAMESCOM.... we cant wait anymore =)

nosferatuzodd1957d ago

morganfel if i was be side you i would hug you like a brother has my dad usually said i love more than my good for nothing son well damn said

Boody-Bandit1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )


What you wrote should be copied and pasted a million times over because it can not be read enough. Without question you are one of the best contributors on this site and have been for a long time. You absolutely nailed what most of us "common sense consumers" have been witness to the past decade plus from MS in this industry.

"+well said" just doesn't do what you wrote justice.


MikeMyers1957d ago

"I won't touch on your reasons for liking X1 over PS4 because they are your reasons, but stop buying into "da cloud" hype. It's all hype and no substance. Dedicated servers aren't "cloud power" and Titanfall can be done on even the Wii U with dedicated servers.

Cloud power is, like I've said several times, this gen's "4D, 120FPS, 1080p games."

Isn't it nice to have people here who know more than actual game developers and those inside the industry?

YNWA961957d ago

@ conzul, any more negative talk about Sony will cost you a bubble... Be careful, N4G actively hunting down all non believers....

sAVAge_bEaST1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

One of the most articulated, and well thought out statements, I have every read, concerning this subject,.. Thank you good sir. yes, Karma is a bitch.,.. & You do in fact ,reap what you sow,

Hicken1957d ago

morganfell smashes anything I've ever read on this site. He deserved a dozen bubbles for that.

Meanwhile, MikeMyers does his usual weak attempt at discrediting someone who obviously knows what they're talking about... or at least more than the opposition, which usually includes himself.

I don't get it. People can bring up facts from all sorts of sources that show that Sony has an edge, and yet MikeMyers, JokesOnYou, and others will STILL maintain their stance. It's like they say "You're wrong, and this is why," and when you prove them wrong, they respond with "Well, I'm still right, and you're still wrong."

Why do these people still have so many bubbles?

Why do we allow LOGICWINS to derail conversations with nonsense?

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Gimmemorebubblez1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Im reposting this from the article "The myth of MS trying to screw us gamers"( I think this explains In my opinion why the Ps4 is the only option.

Its not a myth. MS already profited much more than their competitors. XBLG has made the monetary equivalent of another 40 million Xbox 360's consoles. MS wanted to force GOLD down everyones throats then add numerous restrictions that in the end help MS increase their profit margins. Now here comes the key difference between Sony and MS; the Xbox Division has been under pressure, despite all the effort put in the division barely makes up 9% of MS's revenue. Investors have been wondering for years if its worth it. The Xbox division is NOT a key business in MS's portfolio and is treated as such, and but that I mean that MS does not care about their fanbase instead they want to try take as much money from their consumers so they can prove to their investors that they should keep the division running. Sony on the other hand would probably no longer be in the consumer electronics business if it wasn't for Playstation. Playstation is essential to Sony's well being, so the execs at Sony know that they should pay VERY careful attention to their consumers and it has shown. MS has changed their policies and has taken out the cheque book and created great games for the Xbox One but you can still see the greed behind the $499 price tag. Many people draw comparisons to the Ps3's $599 price tag but unlike the Xbox One, Sony was taking a massive financial loss on every Ps3 console sold but I can guarantee that MS is profiting on the Xbox One quite heavily and lets not forget the weaker innards in the Xbone compared to the Ps4.

Also the amount of times MS has fooled consumers is laughable from RRod, dropping support of the OG Xbox and dropping support of a steady stream hardcore exclusive titles in 2010 from the Xbox 360 and then trying to get us to buy their DRM'ed Xbone.........I mean c'mmon, fool me once again twice but seriously I don't know how people can count on Microsoft.

Brand loyalty is earned and right now I believe MS has done the least to treat me as a consumer well instead Sony and Valve have done that for me. I will support those brands until they do something to upset me and who knows maybe MS will really impress me one day and prove that they have my best interest as a consumer. However right now I will not buy an Xbone because other companies are making better offers and thats the joy of competition, if you want the Xbox One to be the best it can possibly be than vote with your wallet make MS fight hard to earn your hard earned cash.

TheTwelve1957d ago

Although Microsoft has made lots of money on the Xbox gaming division, I'm still not sure if they've made as much money as they've invested in the gaming venture overall. As far as I'm concerned, that's why they went the DRM direction.


pete0071957d ago

i suppose you did not by the ps3 then.......remember all those videos back on 05, remember work more........remember primitive online.........and mutch more,
i kinda fell the same way you do, i realy do, but its all the opposite, sorry

awi59511957d ago


They made their money back xbox live brings in 500 mil a year. And also xbox 360 had been making a profit for 5 years. Its been overpriced for the last 4 years.

Gimmemorebubblez1957d ago


Ok....but really do you think that the Xbone is the better deal and if so why because Im pretty sure I can counter every claim you make.

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TripC501958d ago

I agree that PS4 is best but I'm going the PS4+Wii U route. Nintendo brought me to gaming and my heart wont let go.

Firan1958d ago

With that combo you get almost every game there is. It's awesome.

donman11957d ago

I am also doing the same.

Reverent1957d ago

Same here. I may be a Sony guy nowadays, but I grew up playing The Legend of Zelda so I'll always have a soft spot for Nintendo.

rainslacker1957d ago

Same here. Sony because they've never really let me down. And Nintendo because they look like they want to get back to core gaming with the Wii U. They've fumbled a bit post launch, but I'm sure the system will have many worthwhile games throughout it's lifetime.

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WiiUsauce1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

why it's not the only option: Killzone will never touch the greatness of Halo, the Dual Shock 4's stick positioning is archaic, the PS4 will never have Nintendo exclusives (Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart 8, Zelda, Xenoblade, ect), Kinect 2 wipes the floor with PS Eye, and I could go on and on about how overrated the PS4 is turning out to be, and why it's definitely not the only option for console gaming.

Omegasyde1957d ago

Here is my retort to your retort

1) Dualshocks stick position is archaic - Opinion based, I can say the rumble feature is archaic. I could also argue that the PS controller has more functionality than Xbones (speaker gyroscope, light bar). Nintendo on the other hand does have have a good controller, but its over 100$ to replace and you can only pair 1 gamepad with a wiiu console.

2) PS4 never having Nintendo exclusives - True, however Nintendo will never have Sony-owned Ips either. Last time I checked Sony owns more studios. Also how often does Nintendo invest in new original games vs Sony?

3) Kinect being better that PSeye - No one is arguing this but where are the buttons? If "I am the controller", do I need to tap my head to shoot lasers out of my gun or do I yell BANG BANG?

karl1957d ago

pls go on...

im sure those are your only biased valid points...

i agree that nintendo is great...

but MS? the funny thing is that u base the greatness of MS by talking about the kinect...

pls tell me about the awesome games the kinect offers that we hardcore gamers cant wait to play

u are a joke dude..

Kryptix1957d ago

You're right, Killzone might not touch Halo's popularity for a while but you need to know something. Playstation gamers are very well balanced in their gaming interests. They don't just flock to one first person shooter till the next one comes. They're spread out playing different genres because Sony knows there's a lot of creativity to be flourished outside of just one popular game. Take for example; Uncharted...that didn't make Sony stop developers to keep making the lesser popular/known franchises. Because of more exclusives, that means some of them might not even get a chance to be picked up. And you know how that is because Nintendo gamers are also well balanced. I grew up with Nintendo, trust me, you can name so many fun and great games. While Microsoft only has Halo, Gears, and Forza. No wonder Killzone be as popular, not many are able to pick it up due to the other great exclusives Playstation has to offer. The controller is all preference and I honestly don't understand what's wrong with the positioning of the sticks. No one was arguing about the Dualshock 1. And you know something else? No one was arguing about the N64 because real gamers don't care about how controllers feel, that shouldn't be a deal breaker. The deal breaker should be what the main focus of the platform is, how it nourishes your gamer needs. So far, Sony understands the definition of a gamer while Microsoft seems confused. MS has a TV focus now, tried controlling your games with DRM, forcing Kinect on every buyer. Everyone is pretty much buying a Kinect if they buy the Xbox One. I think you need to wake up because you're hating Sony maybe because your parents bought you a 360 instead of a PS3 or you're still stuck in the way past, 2006. Even 1995 if you were into the Nintendo vs Sony war back then. Trust me, Sony is doing right plus the specs are greater, there's a lot of innovation to be discovered with it's power. Take care.

nnodley1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

I never understand why people say the Dualshocks stick placement is bad. People say the left stick on the 360 controller being where the d-pad is on the dualshock is better because you don't have to strain your thumb and it's more natural. So why isn't the right stick where the face buttons are then. If the left stick feels better then the right stick should feel better placed where the face buttons are as well. Just makes no sense to say the left one is better, but the right is exactly where it is on the dualshock as well.

Freaking blows my mind.

WiiUsauce1957d ago

@Kryptix LOL, right PlayStation gamers don't just play fps games, and play all kinds of genres?? Really, dude?? Then why is CoD the highest selling franchise on PS3? Why do so many of Sony's IPs flop (Star Hawk, PS Allstars, Sly Cooper, Wipeout, Twisted Metal, ect)? Lol why has Sony closed down countless dev studios (Zipper, Superbot, Liverpool, ect)? Pffff get out of here with that mess, Sony gamers buy and play multiple genres. Yeah right.

ShaunCameron1956d ago

@ Omegasyde

<2) PS4 never having Nintendo exclusives - True, however Nintendo will never have Sony-owned Ips either. Last time I checked Sony owns more studios.>


<Also how often does Nintendo invest in new original games vs Sony?>

"New and original games" = Sony fanspeak for generic knockoffs of (insert popular IP of the day) that they hype up as great just because they're exclusive to a Sony platform.

ShaunCameron1956d ago

Aside from a few hardware specs and 3-4 high-profile exclusives, Sony and Microsoft gamers are largely one and the same. I wouldn't hold my breath for the 8th Generation to be any different.

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RedHawkX1957d ago

because the ps4 is the only option and the xbox one is not an option just like failure is not an option.

showtimefolks1957d ago

includes HDMI

Includes a headset

psn-plus offers much better content for free

lets you change hard drive

from what developers say much better controller

better 1st-2nd party support

priced $399

still let's you use cross game chat without having to buy a psn_plus membership

so yeah better system for sure

Epic_Troy1957d ago

Xbone supports 4k gaming enuff said :-)

fsfsxii1957d ago

Oh, wait, how many are using it?? 2? or is that the number of people buying the X1?

1957d ago
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dedicatedtogamers1958d ago

It's the only option (right now) because it's the only safe bet. There's so much turmoil going on within Microsoft and within the Xbox division, not to mention the PR nightmare they're cleaning up, not to mention they're scrambling to get the Xbox One out the door and the ones who will suffer will be early adopters.

Sure, Xbox One might one day be worth the money for some people, but PS4 is the only safe, rational bet right now. Xbox One is a gamble, pure and simple.

aviator1891958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

I honestly don't consider the x1 a gamble at all. Sure, it's 100 bucks more expensive, but besides that, I don't see me having any problems jumping into getting an x1.
And the games ms showed off at e3 were, in my opinion, pretty darn cool. Considering that microsoft stuck with the xbox business after the poor sales of the original xbox and the rrod mess of the xbox 360, I don't see them abandoning the xbox business anytime soon and you also have to take into consideration the immense amount of cash microsoft has under its belt.

Personally, I feel that getting a console or any other gaming devices is all about the games. On that front, I feel that I have justified my x1 purchase.

edit: @below

"No they didn't. They dropped it like a rock after a mere 4 years. A year before 360 launched, support for Xbox had all but dried up."

I said they stuck with the business, not the first xbox..

And like I said, the primary thing I care about is the games and I believe I'll get what I'm looking for and what I saw at e3 this year. I don't consider myself a naive person as I stay pretty well informed on tech bits online on a daily basis. And I can't deny the great 5+ years I've had on the xbox 360, so I'm fairly confident moving with microsoft with the x1.

dedicatedtogamers1958d ago

Getting a console based on the launch window is exactly the sort of naivety that Microsoft is counting on, but anyway...

"microsoft stuck with the xbox business after the poor sales of the original xbox"

No they didn't. They dropped it like a rock after a mere 4 years. A year before 360 launched, support for Xbox had all but dried up.

"and the rrod mess of the xbox 360"

They denied the issue even existed for months. They also dragged their feet on similar, less prevalent issues like disc-scratching and E74 Error. The reason we got the RRoD warranty is because several lawsuits were being drawn up against them. That isn't "support". That's "trying to avoid litigation".

"you also have to take into consideration the immense amount of cash microsoft has under its belt"
I've heard this since the launch of the original Xbox. Wads of cash didn't maintain Xbox support and it sure did ensure years and years of hardcore game support for the Xbox 360, either.

And guess what? Wads of cash hasn't prevented Ballmer from gradually turning the Xbox brand into an all-in-one media brand. The direction Xbox is taking isn't an accident, and the lack of long-term game support isn't due to lack of money. It's because Microsoft wants the living room, not necessarily the hardcore gamer. Xbox One is designed to compete with Apple and Google, not Sony and Nintendo.

MariaHelFutura1958d ago

The Xbox has came 3rd twice and has lost 3 billion in 10 years.

The stock holders aren't going to tolerate them getting wiped by Playstation again. With the 360 they had a year head start, being cheaper, easier to develop for, inflating number w/ RROD, media backing and a bigger budget and still came in 3rd. Right now, the PS4 is better, cheaper, launches at the same time, has the media backing and generally offers more for less. So, If everything leading up to now is telling, this generation is gonna be a landslide in favor of the PS4 and theres nothing Microsoft will be able to do about it (like usual).

Grown Folks Talk1958d ago

Just like Sony didn't acknowledge the issues with PS2 until they absolutely had to. Lasers going out, reading only games but not DVDs or vice versa, systems bricking after the 1st few hours of use. People are so quick to bring up 125 million install base like people didn't have to buy multiple PS2s.

Anon19741958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

@ Grown Folks Talk. Sony didn't address the issue of the PS2 read errors because it wasn't a huge issue. A few early PS2's had issues that were usually fixed with a lens cleaning kit. Extreme cases could be fixed by opening up the PS2 and turning a screw. On top of that, Sony acted fairly quickly with a hardware revision that added a more reliable laser.

After the lawsuit Sony offered $25 and a free game on top of free repairs or a replacement console, and it wasn't an admission of guilt by Sony that they settled. Sony maintained the quality standards of their product were sound. At the time the problem was considered within the industry norm as DVD players across the board suffered from similar limitations until the technology became more advanced(and other DVD player makers suffered class action lawsuits as well).

There's no comparison between the initial PS2 issues and the 360's issues. To suggest there was is simply dishonest.

GameSpawn1958d ago

Grown Folks Talk

The 360's issues were FAR worse than the PS2 laser issue. Over 70% of launch 360's were susceptible to the RROD issue (something like 30% were rumored to actually fail) because of a MAJOR design flaw that took NUMEROUS console revisions to completely fix.

Also you miss a big difference between the PS2 and 360, the PS2 at the time was a paltry $200, the RROD-likely 360 model was $400-500 (depending on which you bought).

Also another difference with the 360 and PS2, the PS2 laser issue was fixable with a little know-how and some DIY soldering. If you didn't have the ability, many electronics repair shops did.

The 360 RROD issue was mitigated (not repaired) by heating the motherboards to reflow the solder connection on the CPU and GPU, but the connections would just break again after using the console for a short period of time. This is a problem with design and not a single faulty component that can be swapped with a higher quality one that can get the system working again. The whole damn system was a faulty component.

Death1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )


Not sure on the accuracy of this since the 3 billion loss for Microsoft was from the original Xbox launch. The 360 has actually made back quite a bit of the originals losses. The Playstation brand overall has been losing money for quite some time. Microsoft has the ability to write losses off since they have annual profits to offset losses. Sony on the other hand has been selling off core assets to prevent a fifth straight annual loss company wide which is why their stock was lowered to junk status.

If you thought Microsoft investors were upset, how do you think Sony investors feel?

sAVAge_bEaST1957d ago

"Xbox One is designed to compete with Apple and Google, not Sony and Nintendo."

and it will fail on all levels.. this is what happens when you emulate,. instead of create, and innovate..
M$ has obvious contempt for gamers.. it can be seen by their attitude, since xbone launch, from the heads, down to the Trollbots, that monitor these forums.

GameSpawn1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )


The PlayStation division is one of the few Sony divisions that's actually healthy. The PlayStation division only has such a loss on its books due to the PS3 subsidy as Sony utilized the PS3 as a major chess move to get Blu-Ray standardized, and it paid off. Now that Blu-Ray is the new de-facto disc standard Sony is getting a chunk of that investment back in the form of licensing to use the tech (yes they have to share it with the other BDA founders, but they still get a fair percent).

Where Sony (in my opinion) is hemorrhaging money is their Vaio, Bravia, and Ericsson divisions (aka hardware minus PlayStation). Samsung, Apple, and HP have been beating the crap out of these parts of Sony either with a far more capable product or with one that is just as good but half the market price.

Sony BMG (Music) and Sony Pictures (Columbia/Tristar - Movies) seem to be doing just fine, at least break even or slightly profitable.

NeoTribe1957d ago

If it were about games than you would buy ps4. More exclusives, better quality. Last of us saiz hi.

MikeMyers1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

""microsoft stuck with the xbox business after the poor sales of the original xbox""

"No they didn't. They dropped it like a rock after a mere 4 years. A year before 360 launched, support for Xbox had all but dried up."

You're talking two different systems. They have stuck with the Xbox 360. It's going on 8 years now. They have a new design and the price is still $200. There is still life in that system when in the past 5-6 years was standard for a game console. They dropped the Xbox, so did Nintendo with the Gamecube. When you have a dominant player like the PS2 it didn't make sense to keep them around. This generation is a lot different. There are still lots of games coming out for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Most if not all from 3rd party but still lots of games.

"It's the only option (right now) because it's the only safe bet. There's so much turmoil going on within Microsoft and within the Xbox division, not to mention the PR nightmare they're cleaning up, not to mention they're scrambling to get the Xbox One out the door and the ones who will suffer will be early adopters."

Please. Stop with the sensationalism and drama. They dropped the DRM and always online requirements. Microsoft showed a lot of games and exclusives. The Xbox One is a next gen console. Games like Forza 5 will be running at 60fps and in 1080p while being supported with cloud services and dedicated servers. What's unsafe about that?

"Sure, Xbox One might one day be worth the money for some people, but PS4 is the only safe, rational bet right now. Xbox One is a gamble, pure and simple."

A gamble? It will be $499 and will have a decent launch line-up of games. They are also committed to at least 15 exclusives within the first year and have more games in development now than at any time in history for the Xbox brand. They are also investing boatloads of money into the cloud technology, something that will be running on day one. Sony on the other hand has only made promises to Gaikai which won't even be rolling out until at least 2014. When it comes to online gaming Xbox Live has proven they can handle large demands and provide key features and services. They also have great relationships with big publishers. Where they need to work on is the smaller indie publishers. Other than that what gamble are we speaking of?

YNWA961957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

@ Mariahelfutile, why you keeping score.... By 3rd you mean behind PS2, PS2 slim? Sure, Sony scored big, but then they butt fuked you the way they did PS3. Just like you complain about MS and indies, Sony did same with developers on 3. Even a very talented bethesda gave up on PS3. Granted Sony learned from these mistakes and made PS4, but jesus, relax with stats, I hope both thrive next gen, it can only be good for gamers.... You are a gamer right? Or you only play NDP or vgchartz?

N4G, can I have a bubble back so I can respond? You take them away because diks get upset with comments???

CrimsonSquall1957d ago

"I don't consider myself a naive person" what the hell? If the primary thing you care about is games, then you are literally shooting yourself in the foot by getting an X1 over a PS4 not only is it clearly the superior piece of hardware and will have a greater longevity, but it will also have a greater slew of quality exclusive titles. I am curious as a gamer, what games interest u so much on The X1? Also, u can't base your entire buy off of e3, thats ludicrous. What we know as a whole is that Microsoft has 15 exclusives with 8 being new IPs coming year 1 whilst Sony has 30 exclusives in devdlopment, 20 coming first year with 12 new IPs. Facts stated by each companys executives.

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lastofgen1958d ago

ps4 is the only safe bet??
um, why?
each system has different games tailored to various people and for me, I'm loving what sunset overdrive, quantum break, ryse, killer instinct, halo, crimson dragon, d4, below, fm 5, black tusk game, titanfall, project spark, and dead rising 3 have to offer.

warewolfSS1958d ago

Yeah I agree. Anyone that misses out on a game because its on a different console is an idiot honestly.

AznGaara1958d ago

You mention the Black Tusk game but they didn't show anything. Just a guy breaking through a building an a Black Tusk logo... How anyone can get excited for that is beyond me. Don't have a problem with any of the other games you mentioned.

ShwankyShpanky1957d ago

Can you or anyone point me to some kind of gameplay footage for Sunset Overdrive? I see a lot of people talking about how awesome it is, but all I've found is a CGI trailer.

The trailer and all its "traversal" emphasis reminds me of Brink trailers. Personally, I really enjoyed Brink, but it really didn't do too well.

Omegasyde1957d ago

@last of gen -
"Yeah I agree. Anyone that misses out on a game because its on a different console is an idiot honestly."

Anyone that buys another 500$ console for a game on a different console which games library is 95% multiplatform is an idiot honestly.

karl1957d ago

totally agree

but the cost of supporting MS wont justify buying their console

id rather miss on their exclusives
but im not supporting the destruction of gaming as we know it.. they want to change things..

and we have said "not this gen"

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AzaziL1957d ago

If RRODs start happening again to early adopters like it did for the 360, it'll be the end for them. Even if the PS4 was $600 I'd still choose it because of reliability.

Gekko361957d ago

@AzaziL - What a load of bollocks - thats fear mongering. I got one of the original xbox 360's and never had an issue, replaced it when my gran tried to riverdance next to it and it fell off the side and got an xbox 360 slim and it was great.

Either system could fuck up in the future you don't know till it hits the streets.

I've gone with the XBOX One on pre-order because I get to take my live account with me and will be able to watch sky tv using voice commands etc.

I love the games from E3, love the snap feature and the speed of the UI. I think the new kinect is phenomenal and I love the idea of the sensor being able to measure my fear and adjust the game AI accordingly.

For me the XB1 has so many features that I am going to enjoy and watch get better over the duration of it's life span.

I feel the PS4 is just a games console with some similar feature. It's marketed as a games machine but it also does multimedia same as the XB1. Both machines so similar things but i do believe that guaranteed kinect means better experiences in the future.

This is one hell of a time for games...