Gears Movie to Launch with Gears 3?

This Gameplayer article examines the timing of the Gears of War movie announcement and speculates as to what it means for other movements in the series, and the Xbox console itself.

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ScottEFresh4252d ago (Edited 4252d ago )

Gears 3 an xbox720 launch title? Naahhh more like a +1 to the PS3 library. It's no secret that Gears is a mega hit and it's no secret that #3 will make it's way to the PS3. It only makes sense the movie would fall around the same time.

chaosatom3334252d ago (Edited 4252d ago )

my heart doesn't want to.

If they make gears movie, I Don't want them to go the doom's way.
Playing a game is different than watching a game.
I could see MGS, Halo, but it's pretty early to call on it yet.
AND we are talking about gears 3 here.
come to think of if, what could they put in the movie that they won't in the game. If you play the game, why watch movie. If you watch the movie, why play the game.

Shadow Man4252d ago

R u kidding me? GOW3 ON PS3, probably the movie but not the game. I hope ur not serious. April Fool!

LinuxGuru4252d ago

I would not go to see a Gears movie, for fear of it RUINING my view of the game.

Like Hitman, and now Far Cry will do.

F*cking stupid-ass Uwe Boll is making the Far-Cry movie, and It will stink like the biggest dog sh*t you've ever seen in your life.

Strife Lives4252d ago

Never work. The DMC movie wil alter the story for me ! Cuz the next DMC will hint at it. Look at all of the resi games after the 1st movie.they shape thngs accordingly.or, Even tho I was never a fan of Tomb Raider,after the 1st movie,Lara startd looking more and more like Angelina Jolie. Nw, the Gears movie will follow the same path. Just as nt cool as the MGS movie

Danja4252d ago


well i wont be seeing this movie whenever it comes out...most likely it's gonna most video game>>>movies turn-out

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