My Sentiments Exactly: The Devil in Green

Charlie Power writes "We were all irked by the atrocious press the Xbox One got, in fact some of their theologies and ideologies were downright outrageous and completely misleading. Now after having apparently had a change of heart in regards to the Xbox One, the devil in green Don Mattrick has jumped ship to the murky waters of the always-online-games-company, Zynga. Don Mattrick, if you weren’t aware, was the Interactive Entertainment Business President behind the Xbox One, and oh boy how he landed another job is beyond me."

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talocaca2025d ago

Nothing personal against him....but he always came across as a money seeking executive who doesn't give a damn about gaming.

"Don't have internet? a 360"


Kurylo3d2025d ago

Yea i've met a lot of people like this. Its all about the money to them not what there selling. To them its branding and money and assumptions. To them the product can be a floating tird, but they assume it will sell. Then it doesnt sell and they will place the blame on teh technician, artist, or programmer instead of themselves for having a plan that focused on the assumptions it will sell no matter what rather then the product and what the people want.

B-radical2025d ago

They need a more gamer friendly person in charge.

RiPPn2025d ago

People seem to give him a ton of credit for making the Xbox division profitable. However, I would argue that the foundation was already laid out for him, and the installed base was at the right amount that he basically got to ride on his predecessors glory.

I think the company is actually feeling the Mattrick effects now. His focus on media and chasing the Wii user why abandoning the core with very few exclusives in the last 4 years has put a bitter taste in a lot of 360 owners mouths.

Reminds me a lot of a president who gets credit for work the previous one did and unfortunately the following president will be cleaning up this single term presidents mess.

creatchee2025d ago

I would say that Ballmer as CEO of the whole company was more of a financial boon for the Xbox division than Mattrick. Ballmer seems to have gotten every part of the ship working better.

mewhy322025d ago

"Don't have internet? a 360." Wow can you believe that he had the gall to say that? LOL. I mean this guy was waaaaaay off course. Now Micro$oft is paying the price for it. Goodbye poopie pants.

Tyre2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

You know what the wack part is? Don Mattrick is just fleeing, if the XB1 fails, he will face a shitstorm. Now he doesn't have to face anything and MS can just use him as a scapegoat, he saved Microsoft a whole lot of trouble. Instead of excusing and an honest apology to the gaming community, he bails. Is it to hard to face the consequences? Typical Microsoft, no acknowledgement of their wrong doings, reinforcing their disconnection to the customers. He & MS will die before making an apology to the customers.

Gekko362025d ago

Ever heard the phrase "Today's newspapers are tomorrows chip paper"?

Basically all the crazy shite on n4g that fan boys are masturbating over, nobody will care about in 3 months.

So the company goes quite for a few weeks and tweaks the message for xbox one. Both consoles are great and will sell like hotcakes, even in this financial climate.

Personally I went with the original xbox and the xbox 360. I won't buy Sony's PS4, not because of the specs or features or even games. I won't buy it because they are a Japanese company. Korean, no problem but the Japanese and blow me for my money.

Caffo012025d ago

Japanese are the most ethical ppl ever.. you sure don't know what you're talking about.

Tyre2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

@Gekko36 Oh the difference now is that the outcry started by us GAMERS/CUSTOMERS (not Sony or Microsoft fanboys or haters or whatever you brainfarts make it out to be) It started because they wanted to steal our freedoms/rights as customers/ordinary people and threatened the whole industry....Can't you get that into you thick skull? The newspapers followed after the initial outcry....not preceded....Besides more is happening at the same time in the world that relates to the loss of these freedom as a civilian. In three months time Kinect will still be mandatory and the NSA/PRISM has been exposed, the damage is done. It's IRREVERSIBLE, wake up like most people is different for the 1st time in history of mankind...all the wrongdoings of our government are out in the open, if you do not have the recognition than your even more blindfolded than i could have imagined. No dude nothing changes this time... There is more at stake than just a simple console...this goes beyond gaming for Us. The outcome stays the same most people will be less interested in the XB1. ps. Stop portaying your low opinion of ordinary people they're smarter than you think. Microsoft makes the same mistakes.

Gekko362023d ago

Hmmm suggest a little clarification.

1. The Japanese - They on the whole don't buy xbox it's a cultural thing. I in return don't but Japanese, call it balance.

@Caffo01 You are right I've spent a lot of time in Japan and they are lovely people so are the people I've met in the middle east, africa and russian.

2. Newspapers - OK, deep breath, The phrase was to reference that all things blow over, hell even a sub intelligent US president invading Iraq blew over in the end.

3. NSA Paranoia - I'm in Wales (UK not England) so I don't really give a fuck about the NSA. But here's my question, do you really think that ONLY the xbox one camera is going to be used for this if it's true? - REALLY? - most laptops, phones tablets have cameras and access the internet regularly.

@Tyre I seriously think you need some help mate, it's a slippery slope is mental health

Tyre2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

@Gekko36 I'm not going to argue with you, because you're just naive. I feel sorry for you. A little bit of paranoia would be healthier for you. You guys can't help it, your breastfed in ignorance. I would also like it to be innocent. Unfortunately the recent leaks have shown that is just wishful thinking. Freedoms and rights are not the same as comfort nor are they self evident. People should remember why we fought the germans and why a modern western democracy should cherish privacy. Do more research, history gives us several warnings. The modern germans have suffered this abuse of oppressive surveillance powers twice: under the Nazis & in the DDR. A liitle more distrust and criticism on so much surveillance by a minority of people would do Democracy no harm and is vital to keep our society in a balance. Too much power WILL corrupt and be abused. History does unfortunately repeat. It is already happening. No bad feelings about your insulting statement. Too easy dude.

Gekko362023d ago

@Tyre I've just read your reply with great interest.

Taking the XBOX One out of the equation for a moment, you are right in your assertion that governments use snooping and covert surveillance on it's people. If you look at London it has by far the most densely populated surveillance of any city in the world. You can't go anywhere in the city without being tracked and yes tracking of our electronic lives is common place in most first world country law enforcement. Privacy measures in the UK and limited censorship UK the UK is on the rise due to the last labour governments policy introduction during the washout period of parliament (a despicable abuse of power).

A law passed in Wales this week ensure al citizens are viable organ donors unless they opt out (Donor being the joke here)

The USA have some of the most draconian surveillance and abuses of power with the patriot act along with racist and homophobic legislation that rivals those of the middle east. That combined with the use of the death penalty is proof enough that America is slowly reverting to a police state, just like the UK (minus the death penalty and homophobic legislation of course)

But back to the console issue, since this already exists, what options are left? Protest? Vote with your wallet against MS. What's to stop sony doing th same with with the PS eye or adding DRM on it's own terms but passing it off to 3rd parties to do their dirty work.

One thing I've learned is that no company is above reproach, Microsoft and Sony both have histories of dishonourable behaviour. So what to do?

I love gaming, especially console gaming so I'm making a choice. Apples instead of Oranges.

Your thought please as your point of view does interest me...

project_pat362025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

any time I see Don Mattrick, I picture this..

yes I know.. my photoshop skills are the shit.

Septic2025d ago


Don't lie. You did that on MS Paint!

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