Zynga's stock is lackluster but CEO's pay is not

CNBC: "Zynga shares are down more than 21 percent over the past six months, but that didn't stop the company's board from approving CEO Don Mattrick's $57,814,391 pay package this year.

Zynga's Mattrick is the second-highest paid CEO of all the companies in the Bay Area—after Oracle's Larry Ellison—but Zynga is far from being one of the top performing stocks in the region."

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Voozi1586d ago

I had the honor of meeting Don last year when he took the job as CEO. Fast forward 6 months later and I had the honor of getting laid off by him :D

Septic1586d ago

Ah really? That sucks mate.

Voozi1586d ago

Yea, but on the plus side getting laid off opened the door for a better opportunity at EA.

I was worried my venture into the gaming industry was going to be short lived since there's very little options here in NYC but I'm glad to be back in it!

Septic1586d ago

Nice one! Glad to know you bounced back. Good luck in the future mate.

Codey471586d ago

Why O why is Don Mattrick receiving such a salary?

Surely he should be a shelf stacker at a local supermarket.

"Glad to know you bounced back"
If Alan Partridge can bounce back ....anyone can!

3-4-51586d ago

GL Voozi, What you working on? or is it secret ?

maniacmayhem1586d ago

I've said the before and I'll say it again.

Zynga is a one stop shop for high paid executives and CEO's. When I was at Zynga it was a revolving door of execs who came in, got paid a super high paycheck, grabbed some Zynga stock (when it was hot) made little noise in the company and then bounced.

If you are an exec who has burned every bridge or has been caught as being incompetent at your job and had to leave. You go to Zynga where you'll get paid an even higher wage until you can dupe another company to hire you.

I swear it's a white collar crime if I ever saw one.

Voozi1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

@3-4-5 I joined EA as a Senior Analyst. So I'm not tied to a specific game studio/project.

@maniac which team were you on? Maybe I know you :D

ravinash1582d ago

Nice one Voozi, hope the job works out for you...sounds like you had a lucky escape.

@Codey47 - It does look like Don should be a supermarket manager or something.
Has to be a case of boys club here if you can have as much incompetence as this guy and still keep moving from job to job leaving a trial of destruction behind you and you still keep getting higher pay packets.

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kevinsheeks1586d ago

Well look on the bright side . . . He could have saved a whole lot of jobs by taking a pay cut but . . .well I guess there isn't a bright side life pretty much is just plain unfair to the average joes sorry to hear it bro :(

Blues Cowboy1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Well yeah, but poor old Mattrick needs another gold-plated helicopter. Why won't anyone think of the executives?!

Bubs. "Well said."

fr0sty1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Don can't do anything right, can he? At least he landed a good paying gig. Maybe he's another Nokia-like plant? Maybe Zynga will go belly-up and MS will buy them, then rehire Mattrick and make Xbox One require an online connection again (they already are... it's called "the cloud").

Voozi1586d ago

Wouldn't surprise me. Don pretty much cleaned house at the exec level and brought in some former Microsoft/Xbox guys.

Baka-akaB1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Yeah but Nokia was actually worth a lot in ideas , savoir faire , network services and concepts . They had big issues , but wich could still be salvaged without the worst possible CEO

Zynga ? they were already dying out on their own

3-4-51586d ago

Doesn't Zynga realize they can profit $57 Million dollars by firing him ?

* He almost leads Xbox off a Cliff and this is how he is rewarded ?

* Money guys ruin everything.

They Enter your company, screw it up, but get their "entitled" cut, and move on to a new company while leaving you to clean their mess.

^ Worst possible type of person that could run a company.

lameguy1586d ago

Voozi, what made you work at Zynga in the first place? Did you want to contribute to crap or was that the only option for employment?

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Software_Lover1586d ago

Sounds like regular business. People get laid off to save 2 million, CEO gets paid 5 million bonus.

caseh1586d ago

True that, they always cut from the wrong end of the stick. Should start from the top really, especially when that one persons salary it probably more than every other member of staff combined.

Rai1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago ) and nintendo top people take pay cuts but he doesn' the business model.

kevinsheeks1586d ago

Maybe I'm not rich for that very reason I'd take five pay cuts if I could save people from Losing their jobs I guess to make it you have to be cut throat

Muzikguy1586d ago

Dog eat dog, or in the case human eat human. <GASP> they're CANNIBALS!

deep_fried_bum_cake1586d ago

That's very much to do with cultural attitudes. At Asian organisations everyone has a work ethic that revolves around working for the benefit of the company. In western organisations it's very much you versus everyone else so you get executives who would rather look out for themselves than give a damn about their company or employees.

JackOfAllBlades1586d ago

The Japanese have a much higher sense of honor than most Americans

kevinsheeks1586d ago

Whew I'm so glad that in such a ruined economy were finding a job is nigh impossible they decide to make a ceo slightly richer while laying off a few hundreds forcing them into unemployment glad we have our priorities in place in the states

caseh1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Same in the UK with the debacle over banks the past few years. Cut staff but those up top kept their bonuses, apparently its a key aspect of industry for people who work at that level. No logic in that at all if you ask me.

0P-Tigrex1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

I want to punch that weasel in the throat and watch him gasp for air. I dislike him that much.

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