How cool was that Project Scorpio chip (SOC) Microsoft gave to Rich of Digital Foundry?

For a number of years Phil Spencer has fronted Xbox – Don Mattrick his predecessor was quickly shown the door (with a rather grand payout) when the Xbox One original plan fell flat on it face…

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557d ago
bunt-custardly555d ago sorry did I say that aloud, I meant cool...really cool.


But if it was Sony instead of MS you wouldn't make such unproven ridiculous comments...oops sorry did I just say that out loud? Oops I meant you're absolutely right.

Mr Pumblechook555d ago

A cool bribe that should deliver some favourable coverage from Digital Foundry.

bunt-custardly555d ago

@BlkxSeptember insecure much? This article and my comment has nothing to do with Sony. This is an Xbox article so take that nonsense elsewhere. For the record, if Sony did give DF the exclusive just like this on the PS5 and a little memento for their effort then yes I'd make a similar remark. I found the whole DF video thing more like an infomercial than their usual informative/objective critique style.

FITgamer555d ago

It would make for an awesome coaster.

Septic555d ago

They are getting their excuses in early come the inevitable merkage when it comes to digital foundry comparison vids 😂🤣

ZeroX9876555d ago

We've known for months that no matter what MS revealed as the Scorpio's final hardware specs, it would be better than the PS4 Pro up to a point that some games can run at native 4K.

It's weird how some are pissed about the Scorpio being more powerful than PS4 Pro when we knew a year in advance that it would be.

If people are so concerned about specs, just buy a PC and be done with it! A console is a low cost/lower performance product, expect a quality in-line with what you paid for.

URNightmare555d ago

A Microsoft exec even said sometime ago. They have some partnerships with devs, Gamestop, and other media related ppl for Scorpio marketing. This is not "unproven" comments, it's what it is.

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Rude-ro555d ago

Reminds me of Tuco Salamanacas teeth from breaking bad.

feju555d ago

I'd rather watch the Scorpio Engine chip being displayed as a bling or fashion accessories (earrings, necklaces) .

555d ago
ninsigma555d ago

Just appreciate the cool memorabilia please.

yarbie1000555d ago

Was it bribery when Sony flew Digital Foundry out and paid for their stay when they covered the PS4?

ninsigma555d ago

Neither of your scenario nor this articles scenario bribery. Companies want to make visits like this as comfortable and easy for the visitors so that they'll go away with a good frame of mind and hopefully give a more positive outlook on things. Even if it's a negative piece in the end, having at least a positive experience outside what they're reviewing could avoid them from really going to town lol. Sony paying for the trip makes things easy for them and MS giving him the chip will make him fondly remember the trip. two ways of doing the same thing. I wouldn't call either bribery. That's more money in a brown envelope kind of thing imo.

rainslacker555d ago

Bribery implies that they were offered these things with the sole intent on receiving favorable coverage, with the intent of that offering either being explicitly stipulated or implied.

Somehow, I doubt that MS gave him this, or sony flew them out in your example, on the stated or implied condition that they give positive coverage.

Its as ninsigma says, if they go away with positive feelings, they're more likely to feel positive about the experience and thus the product itself. It's pretty typical really. It's why press kits for game sent to reviewers always have little extras in the packages.

Vames555d ago

Bribe a man with a useless chip? I mean, you do realize it's merely a memento, right?

TheUndertaker85555d ago (Edited 555d ago )

So when Sony or Nintendo allow outlets to review their game with a free copy is it also a bribe? Cause ya know you can use those same games anytime after unlike the Project Scorpio chip.

Or is it somehow better to hide your hardware until after launch while releasing ballpark figures that don't equal actual launch specs along with premise videos using "similar hardware" or even better, top of the line PC components?

Also this does apply as both are similar practices from all companies involved with consoles which Scorpio is. The huge difference being one is a lot more shady and bribe worthy compared to the other seeing as one can actually be used.

TheUndertaker85555d ago

Oh, and lets also not forget about practices in the console industry such as this. But yes. A single chip from the device is such a bribe. /s

PlayableGamez-555d ago

DF are the last people I would expect to take a bribe...

Krysis555d ago

Even after your rebuttle you still sound like a fanboy

Phill-Spencer555d ago (Edited 555d ago )

Not really, it's more like a free advertisement. Ms gives digital foundry the chip and all the info about scorpio hardware, DF reveals it and earns revenue of clicks and views while MS gets peoples attention on scorpio because it gets presented by an well known ( and respected) site. There is nothing wrong with this behaviour and it's a common practise, not only in the videogame industry.

mwjw696555d ago

You mean like the "bribe" Sony gave out thousands of Ingraved PS4s. Maybe the PS3s they gave EVERYSINGLE manager at Gamestop when PSN crashed, or PS4s the year it launched? Hell maybe the 5 games a year they give to every GS manager/ assistant manager?

stuna1555d ago


This is one of those situation where it'll probably never be known! Considering out of nowhere DF comes across not only exclusive coverage of Scorpio, but also given ownership of the actual chip powering Scorpio!? Who knows??

LackTrue4K555d ago (Edited 555d ago )

Doritos cool Ranch chips are better.

Prince_TFK555d ago

If it was sony, he would have said "a generous gift from sony to show their kindness and respect to gamers and gaming journalists in general. If this was put on sale, i would have bought it in a heartbeat".

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Raiden554d ago

I wish I had bookmark one of my comments I made when MS revealed new laptop, that thing is a beast too, I said if you look at what there have done with the surface and now this laptop I expect there next console to be a beast, now look at it, a mid gen console with no real update tech is now the most advanced gaming console soon to be released on the market, now the games really begin, how long was the 360/PS3 gen again, can Sony continue to hold back year after year for the next 4 years as MS add more studios and ip's to there gaming stable, I could be wrong but I don't think MS will ever release a console in the same year as Sony, like what they are doing right now, the PSPRO came out, Scorpio is announced if I'm correct this is how its going to be, Sony maybe be technical company with great R&D but MS is learning you just have to look at there other hardware.

headblackman553d ago

i look forward to new dev groups and the new games that they will bring exclusively to the ms xb ecosystem, but what i would love even more is if ms would let the currently existing dev groups that hey own to create more/different ip's. at least 3 ip's per dev group would be nice and it would provide verity. this will stop the bunie issue from happening again. bungie left because they felt restricted and wanted to do allow their creativity to flow. if ms allow this, imagine turn 10 creating something other than forza and 343 industries doing something other than halo? or all top people in every ms owned dev group coming together to make a game or a few. wow!!! that would be amazing :-)

christocolus555d ago

I wonder how much this thing will cost on ebay.

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