The legacy of Don Mattrick: The quotes that mattered writes: Here are the ten quotes Mattrick leaves along with his legacy. Did he make or break the Xbox brand?

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Ksar2119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

His last action :

Actually, that's a happy end. For him and for us.

MWH2119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

this is why I think his departure from MS is perhaps early under the new circumstances. complying to the customer's demands and realizing and admitting the competition had a marketing advantage shows a flexible business thinking.. perhaps more positive plans were up his sleeves if he stayed.

that of course if he was convinced that the policies reversal was the right thing to do and not a completely forced action.

finbars752118d ago

You know what drives me crazy about the whole Don mattricks PR nightmare is the fact that if he didnt say anything about the xboxone information then guess what all you xbox fanboys would be in for a rude awakening come launch time.Think about it he really just did you guys a favor even if it was bad on his part.I gurantee that the xboxone would still have drm in it,you would have to have internet connection to play sp games ect.You honestly thing they would have dropped all those things from the xboxone if nothing was thankful this happened because im sure guys like Steve Ballmer wouldnt had said anything and this discussion wouldnt be taken place and there would be an outrage down the road which would be a little to late for changes that close to launch.MS are showing gamers there true colors now and im sure something will take place before release that will be frowned upon by the time xboxone is available.

itspeaks2119d ago

I would be classified as a sony fanboy, I mean look at my avatar, still I will genuinely miss seeing this man as the face of xbox. In my honest opinion though, wouldn't you think with all of that money he would have had his teeth fixed around the time he bought a sports car?

Jakens2119d ago

"I don't even know what a nuclear submarine is but I imagine that it's got to be hard to get internet there."

cyguration2119d ago

This man...his quotes...his scrappy upper-middle class presence...those unforgettable interviews...legendary.

MWH2119d ago

he was just being, a human being. no one is perfect.

beside, he admitted the mistake with the policy reversal and didn't persist on it.

I'm no fanboy and I don't hold grudges or hate, I'm just a gamer that cares.

Knushwood Butt2119d ago

I'd gladly take his salary to make a string of huge mistakes, and then walk into another CEO role without breaking a sweat.

Am I supposed to feel sorry for him?

MWH2119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

@Knushwood Butt


Jakens2119d ago

Where's my Xbox handheld.

With the thing housing a full size Kinect 2 on top.

Really, what would it take to get a proper Banjo game?

Dear Xbox,

I'm sorry I didn't mean to get upset. Don't leave me.

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