Could Titanfall Eventually Come To The PS4 Also

The game is only coming to Xbox platforms and PC... Or is it?
Speaking to GameTrailers, studio founder Vince Zampella had some choice words when asked if "PlayStation Nation is gonna have to wait for Titanfall."
"At launch we're going to be on Xbox One, 360, and PC," Zampella said, emphasizing the words "at launch."

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greenpowerz1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Anything is possible I guess. Xbox waited 10 years for Metal Gear Solid and All of the Final Fantasy games.

Word Play can be made to say anything you want. LMAO Why waste time getting people's hopes up? Isn't there something to buy on the other platform?


LOL disagrees? The game is designed to use MSFT's Azure cloud computing. Like I said anything is possible. The response they say over and over again is that they want to make the best game they can and the xbox/windows/MSFT ecosystem allows for this. They also say they may in the future work on more platforms with future projects.

"At launch we're going to be on Xbox One, 360, and PC,"

"Zampella said, emphasizing the words "at launch."

^^Wordplay could have been talking about the other version made by a different dev/team. I hope this doesn't mean 360 gamers wanting this game but do not wan't to upgrade yet will have to wait to play this(it is a much lesser version that will need radical changes in design)

Outside_ofthe_Box1943d ago

Yeah, I doubt it'll take 10 years for Titanfall to come to the PS4. I expect to see Titanfall on the PS4 1-2 years after it makes it's XB1 debut.

Mr_Nuts1943d ago

I'd give it a year...tops.

bjmartynhak1943d ago

Unless MS really put heavy money on it.

This game has the appeal of CoD, MS will try had to not slip it through their hands.

MikeMyers1943d ago

If it becomes a hit MS will close the doors like they did with Gears of War. Seems to me they are working closely with Respawn Entertainment. Of course anything is possible and I think the more people who have access to games the better. Exclusivity doesn't serve the best interest of gamers, it serves to help sell hardware.

pixelsword1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

No, probably same day:

It will be with the xbone at launch, but not the PS4's launch. That's logical because the game won't be out until the xbone is out, which will be after the PS4's launch.

That guy said nothing to indicate that it won't be on the PS4 when it comes out for the Xbone.

ExtoVert1943d ago


Yes it's true MS wont let it slip through their fingers. But if they want to appeal COD fans, dont forget that there are millions of fans on the sony platform nearly half, and Respond will never reach the same sales figure of COD.

Andreas-Sword1943d ago

I think also Titanfall will come to the PS4 in mid-2014.

karl1943d ago

putting money soo a game stays exclusive?

why not use that money to build studios so xbox gamers can have more games?

anyone understands MS reasoning?

SilentNegotiator1943d ago

They opted to say 'We can't discuss details' with Eurogamer because they weren't going to say 'no' and they are 99.99999999999% likely under contract not to say 'yes' for several months after launch.

Shadowolf1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Try 6-8 months - TITANFALL will be coming to the PS4 and PS3 in 2014. EA has agreed to a limited exclusive deal with Microsoft positioning TITANFALL as a timed exclusive in an effort to push early adopters to invest in the Xbox One as well as increase Xbox 360 marketshare. In addition, don't be surprised to see Vita owners wall runnning and pulling pilots from Titans via PS4 Remote play. The obvious question is how do I know this, well let's just say Mr. Zampella is making it very obvious and EA's track record speaks for itself.

Kevin ButIer1943d ago

Its EA... all your arguments about exclusivity are invalid...

B-radical1943d ago

I actually think titanfall 2 will be on ps4 but not the first one

awi59511943d ago

Titanfall isnt owned By EA its owned by respawn so if they want to keep it on xbox 1 they can.

DeadlyFire1942d ago

Microsoft doesn't have enough money to stop EA from making this multiplatform. They just grabbed it early like Metro and Witcher 2's reach for console development. Microsoft caught em first then they pushed for the other platforms with their next games as the developer had enough money to do the game on the PS3 platform on their own instead of just handing it off or quick porting it. Respawn is a new studio. Expect PS4 launch in 2015.

JeffGUNZ1942d ago

It really depends on the success of the game. If the game is a huge hit and COD like in popularity, I am sure MS will throw whatever money they can to keep it theirs.

gaffyh1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

@all who are saying 2014 for PS4 - Titanfall is NOT a launch title, but I'd expect 6 months after it launches on Xbone.

guitarded771942d ago

Yeah, when asked about it, they have been so vague and skirting the question as if to say "yes", but their hands are contractually held.

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Transporter471943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

stop with the Azure crap MS is not the only one with Cloud, we know Sony has Gaikai, and the game is on PC why wouldn't it go to PS4 with the architecture?

@Foxgod BTW a cloud service is a cloud service it can be used in many different ways limiting it to one thing is absurd.

Foxgod1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

The only difference is that gakai is a streaming sevice, while azure is an integrated service that can be used in any form of application, instead of only streaming a game in a videofeed.

On top of that, cloud features do not require an additional subscription, Gaikai does.

Utalkin2me1943d ago


Don't you have to pay for live? So in turn Cloud does require a subscription. A subscription to Xbox live.

I would like you to send me something that says Gaikai requires a extra subscription past PS+.

SniperControl1943d ago

Wait, did Sony say they were charging for Gaikai?

Foxgod1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

You seriously dont believe that if you have Ps plus that you get to play all games on gaikai for free do you...
Ofcourse they will charge for gaikai, why would they give you tons of games for free for the price of ps plus... that would be financial suicide.
Only demos are free on gaikai.

Besides, cloud features used in game, such as in forza can be used without gold, the gold is for multiplayer.

greenpowerz1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Saying no, it's not coming to PS4 ever would be suicide Suicide from a business stance and a reputation stance. Dude is always nervous on TV and he knows PlayStation nation would destroy the company if they upset them. It is smart of this up and coming company to address the media trying to push them around, this way.

They keep getting harassed over this when they have said what they plan many times already. I would be scared too if a bunch of "passionate fans" LOL, could effect bringing food home to his family.

SniperControl1943d ago


You have totally misinterpreted Gaikai's use, it will be linked to your PSN+ account, any games (be it PS1, PS2, PS3) that you own on your account will be playable on PS4 via Gaikai streaming.

Sony have said that Gaikai will be used primarily for BC.

Belking1943d ago

MS is the only one in the console arena with the cloud and their console built around it. Sony won't even have Gakia ready til some time next year and it's only available for 1 area. Not a very confident service right now. Sony doesn't have the expertise on cloud computing. That's why they went out and bought Gaikai because they know they can't build one from the ground up like MS. They just don't know computing technology the way MS does.

LiQuiZoN1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

I'm an application development manager and I want to reiterate how people (younger or non tech savvy) think the "cloud" thing is something special. It is nothing new. It is microsofts (sony, apple, insert company here) way of owning and centralizing all data/content on their system for data mining (aka $$$). The customer get no benefit besides playing a game anywhere if you log in and re download it. This has been around forever and that sole benefit is nothing more than a minute luring tactic the company is playing to lure you into their system where they can extrapolate more ($$$) from your data.

Do not be fooled by marketing and Titan Fall is nothing more than warhawk on psn. An online mp only title.

Don't fall for the hype, both cloud and Titan Fall are nothing special. I'm sure TF will be fun but it will probably be download only, meaning no trade in value and heavy DLC.

Ju1943d ago

"while azure is an integrated service" ... what does this even mean? A random order of words? A collection of buzzwords? Do you learn this in college these days? Depends on the field of study I guess. Nothing related to computer science, obviously.

awi59511942d ago

Also microsoft has real servers backing up live just not virtual and they have a hell of alot of them.

medman1942d ago

My question is...does anybody really care? Sony has plenty of first party developers that will be releasing more than enough exclusives to busy the fingers of PS4 gamers. Titanfall would be just another also ran, especially as it won't see a release on PS4 till maybe late 2014 or 2015.

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MrBeatdown1943d ago

"^^Wordplay could have been talking about the other version made by a different dev/team. I hope this doesn't mean 360 gamers wanting this game but do not wan't to upgrade yet will have to wait to play this(it is a much lesser version that will need radical changes in design)"

You call it wordplay. The rest of us call it basic reading comprehension.

It's funny that you clearly take that quote to mean there is another version coming after launch, but then you act like it's the 360 version, even though that quote clearly states all three versions will be available at launch.

Nice try, but I guess wordplay can't be "made to say anything you want".

wastedcells1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

The only games That will be exclusive for a whole generation are games made by Sony and Microsoft. Every other so called exclusive will eventually cross over to multiplatform. The only reason they can justify it now is because the install base will be small for the first year. So if you pay big bucks now you might get a 3rd party Titanfall and Deadrising 3 for the first year.

jmac531943d ago

Dead Rising 3 on the other hand is being published by MS, so I doubt PS4 will get that game. Maybe Dead Rising 4.

wastedcells1943d ago

publishing rights can expire, there have been Sony and Microsoft published games that have eventually released on other platforms with new publishers.

DA_PRGamer1943d ago

in all honesty the cloud compute excuse its irrelevant since they making a 360 version which its an inferior system to both xone and ps4 so I think it be a year to 2 years when we could see it on ps4, thats what i think

awi59511942d ago

The 360 version will be farmed out so its probably going to be total crap.

DeadlyFire1942d ago

Game is launching in 2014 on Xbox 360/XB1/PC.

Its launching on PS4/PS3/WiiU in 2015.

jmac531943d ago

We are talking about EA here. The game WILL be coming to PS4. The reason behing all the word play is because they have been money hatted by MS. We have seen the same thing countless times. Look at the announcement of Diablo 3, it was only unveiled as a PS4/PS3 exclusive until recently we found out its also coming to Xbox.

erathaol1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

I'm under the impression that if it tanks in sales, it'll show up on the PS4 within the year. Its an instant buy for most gamers but its a hard sale for general audiences.

- No Single player to sell audiences on
- Not a known franchise
- Screen shots don't make the game stand out, gameplay does.

Although a far poorer game I'm reminded of Section 8, people hyped it as the next big franchise and even had a mass marketing campaign. It never was taken in by masses, came out on PSN later since it was multiplayer only.

first1NFANTRY1943d ago

six months tops and this sucker will be on ps4.

Kayant1942d ago

LOL disagrees? The game is designed to use MSFT's Azure cloud computing. Like I said anything is possible. The response they say over and over again is that they want to make the best game they can and the xbox/windows/MSFT ecosystem allows for this. They also say they may in the future work on more platforms with future projects.

No it's not a MS ecosystem feature that works on MS platforms pC and 360. It's only for Xbox one so the statement about them creating the best game they can by sticking to one platform is invalid. It was about Money and nothing else but MONEY.

This is taken from the Horse's mouth

ATi_Elite1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

"buh buh but the Exclusives"

---Sony fanboy


Respawn is the New Epic Games and MS is gonna LOCK them up. Titanfall will remain a MS Exclusive and eventually become a XB1 Exclusive.

strifeblade1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

i am a huge xbox fan and getting x1 but ppl sayin titanfall is not a timed exclusive is kidding themselves. Here is why:

Published by EA GAMES! EA owns everything associated with titanfall- this fact strongly points towards timed exclusive.

scenario 1- Titanfall releases in the summer on x1- ALL MSOFT timed exclusives always had minimum 1 year of exclusivity. EA could release titanfall 1 year later in the summer on ps4 or the following christmas which can amount to a 1 year and 6 month timed exclusive.

scenario 2- titanfall becomes huge success that EA decides to make titanfall 2 the following year. in this case due to the timing, titanfall 1 will not come to ps4 and in its place comes titanfall 2 in that summer or following christmas thus making titanfall 1 a true exclusive or at the very least- a 1 to 1 and a half year titanfall exclusivity. This is very similar to call of duty 2, was a 360 nexgen exclusive(not on ps3), but call of duty 3 since it came a year later was on both consoles- obviously ps3 was not out when call of duty came which explains the excxlusivity but because cod3 came a year later cod2 was never released on ps3.

Now dead rising 3 coming to sony? dream on- capcom was very adamant about its exclusivity with msoft and the fact microsoft is publishing dead rising 3- not capcom leads me to believe DR3 is a true exclusive- but DR4 (when its made, will most likely be multiplat, similar to this gen when seeing dead rising 1 was exclusive and dead rising 2 was multiplat).

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pedrof931943d ago

Maybe they thought that coming for X1 will make this game more desirable. Which indeed does.

Anon19741943d ago

I really don't get the hype for this title. Don't get me wrong, it looks cool, but I'm not really a multiplayer guy and when I see this, it's just Call of Duty with jump packs and Mechs as far as I can tell. People were so hyped about it I went back and watched the E3 footage again because I honestly thought I had missed something. I was much more intrigued by Sunset Overdrive and Dead Rising 3.

Even if this came out on the PS4 at some point, I'd probably just skip it unless they add in a single player campaign at some point but it doesn't sound like that's likely.

trenso11943d ago

completely agree it looks like a good game but why people are so hungry for it to come to ps4 is beyond me, the ps4 will have a lot of games to play and missing one wont be too bad. i think it is because its a game from well know developers and its their first new ip since they left infinity ward

dedicatedtogamers1943d ago

I'm with ya.

It looks fun, like a modern-day Unreal Tournament or Tribes, but it doesn't look like a must-have and the multiplayer-only really bums me out. I'm more of a singleplayer or co-op sort of guy, so games like Destiny and The Division are far more compelling in my eyes.

Salooh1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

I think it's a must have if it needs skills . That way cod will be gone and we will play a real cod4 sequel with new stuff..

Remember the (if)

JeffGUNZ1942d ago

I disagree. This game is being made by the people who made COD4 which was a masterpiece. This game will run smooth and be addicting. The way the game flowed just in the footage has gotten me excited. This game is developed to be this gen COD, that's what respawn was going for. Who else has the best chance of taking COD down then the people from the studio who made COD4, the best COD by far.

Anon19741942d ago

@JeffGUNZ. Again, don't get me wrong. I think the game looks great, but we're talking about a multiplayer only game, that looks like Call of Duty brought to you by some of the folks who brought you Call of Duty in an attempt to go head 2 head with Call of Duty.

Of course there's going to be a large market for this as there is a large market for Call of Duty still. I'm just not it, apparently. I'm Call of Dutied out. I played all of em up until MW3, which I felt obligated to play to see how the story wrapped up (and it was great) but I think this was the first COD game I never even bothered taking online.

My interest in these titles was waning at that point and now I just can't seem to get excited about either the next Call of Duty or the next Call of Duty clone, even with mechs. That's my point. It's just general Call of Duty/multiplayer fatigue for me. I gotta say, even Destiny and Killzone aren't really getting me excited when they would have probably blown my mind 5 years ago. Just getting old, maybe.

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Supermax1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

It will be on ps4 in a year,will be similar to what ea did with mass effect.X1 day one for me.when I said a year I mean after release so its 1 year 6 months out from ps4

thekhurg1943d ago

Depending on Xbox One sales at the time of release will likely sway EA one way or another on how soon to push for a PS4 release.