Valve is the Best Company in Gaming and Here's Why

here are thousands of companies in the massive gaming industry, who seem to be in a constant struggle to get on top of the gaming world. Many gamers argue that it is the company that makes the best console, for example Nintendo, Microsoft, or SONY, who controls the industry. Other claim that the strongest company creates the most impressive games, like Ubisoft, Naughty Dog, etc. Another theory is that companies whom projects have had the largest impact on society are the true victors, like Mojang. There are a multitude of other reasons why a certain company is listed higher than the other, but looking into the extremely competitive industry of gaming it seems there is a single company that simply towers over the others, with achievement after achievement this company controls many aspects of the gaming world. Clearly the victor is Valve. Valve is the best company in Gaming, and here’s why :

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Dlacy13g1942d ago

Valve makes good games (a bit too in-frequent for my likes), they have a really good game engine and are a really good game store (Steam) Not sure that makes them the best company in gaming though.

SgtFuzzy-T1942d ago

lol you just said 3 positive things that i dont think you could say about any other company.
so that is was they are number one.

also the fact that you can use their engine for free to make your own games is pretty key

3-4-51942d ago

Best? I don't think so...they are good but they've only made less than 10 games ever.

Neixus1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

i think they're on par with Naughty dog.
They have made the best games,same with Valve. but all the games ND made, have been genre defining, unlike valve. Half life 2 may be one of the best games ever, but it did not bring anything new to the fps genre. (except physics puzzles and good pacing)

Crash Bandicoot
Jak and Daxter
The Last of Us

All of those games either defined, or revived a genre, which is why i think Naughty dog is the best game company atm.

this is my opinion though, yours may differ.

Oh, and It'd help a little if valve could either confirm or deny if some games will be released or not.
It has simply gone too long without any word for HL3, so i lost all interest and i just don't care about it, even if it gets announced or not.

lnvisibleMan1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

Naughty dog is one of the best game developers in the industry. When developing crash series they hacked the ps1 to get the most graphical output from the system.

goldwyncq1942d ago

Ah, so that's why they're called "Naughty" Dog.

Steelmanner1942d ago

Yes, I agree that Naughty Dog is a very good company with games I have been playing for a very long time, but that's all they do. In the case of Valve they do a plethora of things, which I believe makes them a better company.

Utalkin2me1942d ago

Sorry i would say ID software has done way more for gaming then what Valve has.

1942d ago
Steelmanner1942d ago

I think Valve is an extremely experimental studio. Portal was revolutionary, and experimental, with the portal system, CS: source was experimental with a brand new engine, and half life was experimental with the gravity gun. Don't get me wrong Naughty Dog is a great developer, but you can't deny the amazing, and experimental, games that Valve has put out there.

Utalkin2me1942d ago


Valve bought portal. The game was designed by college students. CS wasn't a valve game it was a mod to half life.

Pandamobile1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

"but valve isn't exactly a very experimental studio like Naughty Dog is."

I think you've got that backwards, friend. Half the stuff that Valve does is experimental. Hell, TF2 after 2009 has been one big experiment for them. They test everything out in TF2 before working it into their next releases. TF2 going F2P, the Mann Co. Store, the class updates, etc - all of these things were experiments for DOTA2.

Valve experimented with episodic releases for Half-Life 2 as well, even though it wasn't the best thing for it (as they've said).

What, pray tell has Naughty Dog "experimented" with? I'd hardly call Uncharted 1-3 and The Last of Us experimental games.

"Valve bought portal. The game was designed by college students. CS wasn't a valve game it was a mod to half life."

Valve did not buy Portal. They hired the college students that made Narbacular Drop (the spiritual predecessor to Portal). Portal was developed 100% at Valve. The original Counter Strike wasn't, no. But every single Counter Strike game since the original has been developed at Valve.

Utalkin2me1942d ago


Like i said, Valve didn't invent either of these titles.

Pandamobile1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

Uh, Portal is Valve's game. It wasn't a mod that they turned into a franchise like Counter Strike. Narbacular Drop shares next to nothing with Portal except for the go-in-here-come-out-there mechanic.

And the argument that Counter Strike series isn't Valve's is ridiculous.

Steelmanner1942d ago


First off yes I am talking to you haha. Secondly I am referring to Counter strike:source in my above statement which was created by valve and although the basics of portal may have been created by college students valve was the company that picked it up and created it.

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da_2pacalypse1942d ago

I respect Naughty dog and their products very much, but Half life 1 is probably one of the most influential games of today. before HL1, nobody even cared to put that much detail and story in their games. I'd argue to say that's one of the most genre defining games ever.

Eyeco1942d ago

I love Naughty Dog but come on now there still quite young, what about Nintendo, Blizzard, Rockstar, Valve ? If Naughty Dog keeps their track record going by the end of next gen they could qualify as one of the greats, you have to understand it's only until this gen that Naughty Dog started to get high critical recognition.

That said Rockstar has easily been the best developer this gen GTA 4, Red Dead Redemption, maybe La Noire, Max Payne 3, and GTA 5 which will possibly be the best game of the year and one of the best this gen, this company has outdone themselves.

Worst developer this gen ? Square Enix easily, takes a highly anticipated JRPG strips it down streamlines it to a casual noobfest, thats essentialy an FPS, releases a half assed sequel to that game, releases a terrible MMO, remakes old games and spin off's for handhelds, rather than new CONSOLE sequels to old games (Chrono Trigger 2, Vagrant Story 2 ? Announces Vs13 in 2006, bullsh!ts about its development for 7 years, scraps it the name and pretty much spins it into FF15 for NEXT gen, yes their output has been shite this gen.

chrisgay1942d ago

My opinion definitely does differ, I believe what Half Life did for singleplayer FPS, what Counter Strike did for multiplayer, what Left 4 Dead did for co-op, what Team Fortress 2 did for F2P and what Portal did for the puzzle genre, along with their incredible services and general ethos is far greater than what even Naughty Dog has achieved.

Crash Bandicoot and Jak were solid as rocks, but defined or revived a genre? I wouldn't say so personally. I think its so unfair to dismiss Half Life 2 as not bringing anything new to the FPS genre, even if that were true, its predecessor certainly redefined the genre. Metroid Prime and Halo simply wouldn't exist otherwise.

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Mr_Nuts1942d ago

They are good but not the best, say whatever you like to me about this I'll understand but after the L4D2 mess where they tricked people into buying an unfinished game, L4D, which they said they would promise to improve by free DLC like TF2 only for them to announce a sequel with worse characters, worse setting, changing the atmosphere from dark/gritty to humorous/light (a frying pan against a Tank...come on) and then bull s******* after saying they couldn't do it as DLC when they blatantly could of, it's Valve they know how to get around big problems they are very talented.

You think after though when they say exclusive DLC is coming to L4D that they are turning things around only to find out this DLC does a silly cross over when the original survivors were going North not South then kill, YES KILL, one of them off instead of the new survivors putting the final nail in L4D coffin.

I can't forgive them for that, people give them the benefit of the doubt because it was Valve fact is if it was EA, Capcom, Squre Enix, Activision, Ubisoft etc they would of been slated for it.

da_2pacalypse1942d ago

except they did continue to support L4D1 with DLC. Each time they made an expansion for L4D2, they did the same with L4D1....

Mr_Nuts1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

Bull s***

They did Crash Course which was really short and then the Sacrifice which was supposed to be exclusive to L4D came to L4D2 aswell. Funny I don't see Cold Stream as DLC for L4D....oh wait thats because they DIDN'T do it for L4D

There was nothing else after that, just countless updates for L4D2

The fact that you got agree's for that shows you how misinformed people are.

da_2pacalypse1942d ago

That's because Cold Stream was a community made mod. Valve had nothing to do with it aside from certification.

L4D1 got about the same amount of updates as L4D2. L4D2 is the better game, so obviously most people are occupied with that. And hey, if you're butt-hurt about it, pick up L4D2 on the steam summer sales. I had fun with both games.

Mr_Nuts1942d ago

It dosen't matter, Valve still could of added the map to L4D, they did give it the greenlight.

Stop being an arse saying people are butthurt when they voice their opinions, hey if you like L4D2 fair enough but if you were one of the people who bought the first L4D game based on those promises for free DLC like the new weapons one of them being a flamethrower and they never came through with it then they screwed up.

Hell L4D is still buggy because Valve refuses to support it still.

It's not about the price aswell, I couldn't care less if it was on sale, it doesn't change the fact the first L4D was hardly supported and shot dead soon after release because Valve didn't want people to think of L4D as a turtle rock game but instead a Valve game

da_2pacalypse1941d ago

I don't think you're playing the same game I am... Because I play L4D1 all the time and I have a blast. Valve has supported it very well, much better than any other company would support a game that has gotten a sequel.

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Pandamobile1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

Lots of companies make great games. Valve makes great games, Naughty Dog makes great games, Irrational makes great games. What sets Valve apart from all these other companies that make great games is that Valve does a lot more than just make great games.

Valve has done more for the gaming industry and their gaming communities than any other company, I'd argue (save platform platform holders).

Steam created a monumental shift in the way consumers buy games. Who know where PC gaming would be without Steam.

Half-Life 2 is still widely regarded as one of, if not the best games of all time. Team Fortress 2 and Counter Strike are genre-defining multiplayer games. Portal 2 was easily the best game of 2011.

On top of that, they've given so much to their communities that there's really nothing to compare it to. Full SDK, easy access to user generated content, maps, etc. And lets not forget the Source Filmmaker. Valve stood to gain next to nothing from releasing the Source Filmmaker except for the respect and admiration of the machinima community.

This is what sets Valve apart from other companies.

KillrateOmega1942d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself :)

As for 2nd place, I gotta give it to ND.

Swiggins1942d ago

Yup Yup, what Panda said, Valve are in a class all their own.

Second place is debatable, first place is not.

Pintheshadows1942d ago

My issue, Pandamobile, is that Valve doesn't release games often enough to be considered in this conversation. At the moment. 5 years ago, yes, today, not so much. Yes they have Steam which is a great service but ffs where is Episode 3,

Eyeco1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

Yep you've pretty much nailed it ,

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