Sony's PS3 Gamer's Day MotorStorm Trailer

This trailer features MotorStorm as near identical to its E3 2005 concept video, the particle effects shown this time around are on par with the original concept as they are much improved from ever before. Furthermore, the trailer features stunning AI performances as exhibited by the racing participants in these chaotic races of utter annihilation.

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CAPS LOCK5885d ago

if this game looks this good, then i am starting to belive sony that killzone 2 or 3 did really looked that good. i mean if they can make motorstrom look soo good then why not? i hope killzone trailer was a gameplay one.

ASTAROTH5884d ago

It looks amazing. Hoping Killzone looks as good as the E3 2005 CG. Not much difficult, seeing how the games on both the PS3 and 360 are progresively looking better. Killzone would be as good looking. CANT WAIT for info on it. Also GATEWAY IS LOOKING SCARY REAL!!.

Joe Schmoe5884d ago

I dont post very often because there is to much bickering but on a rare ocassion some articles/previews just grab you..And this is one of them. This game isnt even finished yet and it looks this good guys. Also the guy on the bike punching the other guy off of his bike takes me back to the old days of playing roadrash.. Ah the good old days. HopeFully we will see this type of effort put forth on all games in the near future. Oh and god please dont let the 360 fail I think the "Mart" might kill himself.

Retard5883d ago

Seems they've tuned up the speed... Looks great... Next-gen Smugglers Run!