First gameplay video Unreal Tournament 2007

Another video from Sony's Gamer Day. This time it's the first gameplay video of Unreal Tournament 2007. The game is already announced for Playstation 3 and PC, but rumours say a Xbox 360 version will be released as well.

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UrbanJabroni6341d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Unreal still lags in the physics department (I know they use Karma...not sure if there is anything more "core").

That one caveat aside, the engine is absolutely gorgeous and is on par, if not better, than anything out there.

With what we've seen from this on the PS3 and PC and GOW on the 360, Epic has really taken the next-gen engine crown.

Now please release it on the 360 so we can use some sort of "Live Anywhere"-'Gamespy' crossover hack so PS3 and 360 users can battle it out for world supremecy...if any game could concievably allow us to create a hack to do this, it would be this one.

Jakens6341d ago

It would never happen, but, How awesome it would be if Sony and MS agreed to make a MMO or a FPS game to be played across both of their online networks. The game could come out for both systems on the same day. Lets say that there are 1000 leaderboards hinting at the best players in the world across different tasks and what system they perfere or play on. I "BLINDLY" say PS3 fans would rule more of the leaderboads but MS Xbox 360 does well with FPS gaming.

Anyways, I so want this game to come out for Xbox 360. I will own a PS3 but for the reasons of Sony's First Party titles. The game looks so detailed! Unreal Tourament 2007 will rock hard everywhere upon release!

CAPS LOCK6340d ago

this game does not come out on the 360. because the 360 already has GOW, so let us have this great game.

TheMART6340d ago

Oh yes it will. If it's on PC, it's coming to 360.

Don't forget. Epic works multiformat unless said/paid of as an exclusive. Now Gears of War is confirmed to be an exclusive, UT2007 is only said to be announced for PC/PS3 at this time. No exclusive.

They can't shoot themselve in the foot (Epic is) by having Gears and UT available at the same time. UT2007 will arrive for 360 somewhere in 2007 though

Furthermore, 360 has 10 million users this CHristmas, estimated 8 million by Christmas 2007. That's a large market to sell games to. Just as Assassins Creed it'll come to 360 for sure

gnothe16340d ago

would you hope something like that.If you like the game or want the game get it,but dont wish to deny other peopleto enjoy it.OH WAIT I hope the PS3 never gets GOW so I understand lol!!!

kmis876340d ago

I hope it comes to 360 so more people can play it. It's already coming to pc, so it shouldn't be too hard to port it to the 360.

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What happened to Arena Shooters?

What ever happened to arena shooters? We delve into the rich history of this beloved gaming subgenre, how its survived over the years, and what arena shooters look like in 2022.

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Mr_Writer85781d ago

I'd look at COD before BR.

Locking weapons and perks behind a level system.

BenRC01781d ago

Cod killed them. Tbh when cod came along, especially mw2, its was a game changer. Adding rpg elements and scorestreaks rather than just a scoreboard was very cool at the time.

Mr_Writer85781d ago


I have and always will dislike COD, they made it about time spent rather than skill.

If you're better than me in at level 1 it's down to skill. But if you don't play and only get to level 3 and I get to (just say 300) chances are my guns and perks etc I will kill you more than you kill me.

Overwatch is a good example of a game that does require skill. I have 800+ hours on that game, but some players in that game are unreal.

And you know it's down to skill as you have pretty much the same characters etc.

isarai781d ago

Also any new ones will instantly get compared to Overwatch. Which sucks cause i miss old school arcade shooters with cool characters to choose from.

fr0sty781d ago (Edited 781d ago )

I miss Unreal Tournament 2004's ultra fast paced action... nothing since has really come close to capturing it. Going on sprees never felt more satisfying. A modern day version of that would be amazing.

DigitalDaniel781d ago

Halo says "Hi".
Arena shooters are not dead.

ChubbyBlade781d ago

Infinites player base is dropping like flies because of a lack of content.

Sonyslave3781d ago

Key word lack of content not because it a arena shooter .

And it doing just fine on Xbox

Mr_Writer85781d ago

"lack of content"

Maybe if gamers didn't have the attention span of a small child.

The game hasn't even been out long. And they need new maps and weapons already?

No wonder games as a service is a thing.

ChubbyBlade781d ago

Seems both people below me don’t know how to read.

Never said the lack of content was because it’s an arena shooter nor did I say new maps or weapons.

The game has less than 1/2 of the game modes from past titles the previous ones would launch with.

There’s very little vehicle centric options and the way they spawn in makes them appear less often.

The unlocks are abysmal compared to previous titles leaving nothing to earn or work towards for those who care about that sort of thing.

Been playing since CE in 2001. Not one of these “attention span” problem gamers you’re speaking of. The game literally lacks legacy game modes and vehicle play isn’t very good.

spicelicka781d ago

lmao it's barely been out for a month, it has more than enough content for release. Far more than most games these days.

MadLad781d ago

I'll let you know when I have a hard time finding a match.

The game is as far from dead as dead can be. Not sure why you're trying to make it out to be anything other than that.