What Happened to Unreal Tournament?

Unreal Tournament was once at the forefront of first-person competitive multiplayer shooters, but why has it struggled to reappear in the gaming world? Nexus Hub explores what happened.

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RaidenBlack195d ago

It was pretty straightforward actually.
They were going for a f2p UT 2017. Then Fortnite happened.
Epic announced they're dedicating all the workforce to Fortnite. Then they announced they're freezing UT development indefinitely.

Snookies12195d ago (Edited 195d ago )

Such a shame really. I miss these games so much... Still have my disc version of UT2K4 though at least. If I ever want to go back to it from time to time. Unreal Tournament 3 was pretty good too. The 2017 version seemed really great initially, but it was so sad that Epic just ditched it and left fans to try and pick up the pieces.

RaidenBlack195d ago

UT 2004 was the perfect sequel to original UT. (UT 2003 is always ignored)
UT 2007 was good looking for its time but was not that engaging and had less content.
UT 2017 was off to a good start ... but alas.

RaidenBlack195d ago

I have a better question,
What Happened to Quake?
Yea, the single-player Gothic Quake. We had enough of Strogg entries.
MachineGames even released new Quake I Episode on its 20th anniversary!
An homage 20 years later and that too for free.

Sciurus_vulgaris195d ago

Epic abandoned Unreal Tournament for one simple reason, Fortnite. Fortnite Battle Royale was a quickly developed, low budget mod that had an easy path to mass success.

Bnet343194d ago

Epic once at the helm of UT and Gears. Now swimming in a pool of Fortnite kiddy cash. Damn.. UT 2004 is GOATed.