Details of Army of Two Demo, Downloadable Content and Patch Revealed

Army of Two Assistant Producer, Matt Turner has revealed on his upcoming blog, details about an Army of Two demo and new downloadable content:

"So guess what people. The demo is coming. Oh Yeah. Sha-bam. Looks like it will be going live April 1st. So for those of you that have yet to give our game a whirl you can download it off Xbox live and take it for a test run. It's the training and first map of the game so it gets you familiar with the systems and then lets you get a taste of the combat. We figured that now is as good a time as any to get it out there. It will be free, of course, and waiting to entice you like a piece of raw meet dangling over an alligator pond…jumping, snapping, being generally menacing until you grab it and take it deep under water for a good ol' fashion death roll… animals! Again! I always get on nature tangents…it's kind of a thing these days I suppose.

Moving on. So there is 1 new multiplayer map arriving as well as 2 new campaign maps in the not too distant future. As well as SSC Challenge- that's the obstacle course for mercs that I mentioned in my previous post. So that being said there is some good stuff to look forward to in the future for AO2."

Details of an upcoming patch were also revealed. The problems that patch will fix include:

* Problems connecting to EA servers

* Getting Disconnected from Multiplayer matches

* PS3 Headset issues

* Region Lock

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Baba19065544d ago (Edited 5544d ago )

cool i love the campaing in this game =D splitscreen coop rules.

a demo on april 1? never gonna happen. april april! i hope some of the information isnt fake.

sunnygrg5544d ago

I wonder if PS3 owners will get the demo too, seeing as to how EA is praising and backing PS3 recovery recently.


this is the ultimate co-op game.i hope the get more guns and masks.a jason mask would be so cool.ONLINE MADNESS!!

mbmonk5544d ago

To hear an adult say "Oh Yeah. Sha-bam.". I am not sure if he is trying to be 'hip' or funny, but it's just sad.

PS: AoT dev team can stick DLC where the sun doesn't shine. Patch the PS3 version first.


Come on, is anyone seriously bothered anymore ?

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