Kingdom Hearts Team "It's a Wonderful World" DS Developer Interview

Scheduled for a release sometime in 2007, "It's a Wonderful World" (AKA, "Subarashiki Kono Sekai") tells of 15 year old Neku Sakuraba who notices something odd about himself one day during his everyday life in Shibuya. He comes into contact with an organisation known as "The Shinigami (God of Death)" who threatens to kill him if he fails to carry out what he is told. In this demonic game, Neku is not alone for Shiki Misaki and a few other kids in Shibuya are also in the same situation and they only have 7 days to fulfil their mission…

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Looking Back at ‘Contact’: An Unsung Hero of the Nintendo DS

A quirky DS classic that shines in countless ways

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PhoenixUp2348d ago

The majority of the games Grasshopper Manufacturer develops go unheard of by the mainstream audience


Top Ten Nintendo DS Hidden Gems

With the Nintendo 3DS coming out soon wanted to show that the Nintendo DS offers something else for everyone. We all know that Nintendo DS offers games like New Super Mario Bros., Brain Age, Nintendogs, Metroid and Tetris, but what about the games you walked by and ignored that were in bins for half the price? What about games you wanted to try but were too afraid to do so. What else does the Nintendo DS offer? They told you what games to play for the Nintendo Wii that was third party, and now they are telling you to try these hidden gems for the Nintendo DS. These are games that are not other wise known or have been highly looked over, so no Metal Slug 7 and no Contra 4. presents the Top Ten Nintendo DS Hidden Gems.

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MrMccormo4945d ago

Nice article! The DS is chock full of awesome game. I think it's scientifically impossible to play all of the good ones in a lifetime.


The Top 10 Best Nintendo DS RPGs

Hubpages: "RPGs have gone through quite a metamorphosis over the past five years. Console RPGs are almost uniformly giant, big budget affairs. For those whose heart yearns for the classic, low-fi role playing games of the past, there's good news: the Nintendo DS has become one of the great repositories of JRPGs. Featuring both remakes and highly original content, these top Nintendo DS RPGs are enough to win over any fan's heart."

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Xof5014d ago

Most consoles struggle for a "Top 10" of any genre. Even PC. The DS, on the other hand, could easily manage a "top 20" list for RPGs, there are so many.