Retro Review: Contact - Electronic Theatre

Contact is immediately recognisable as a product of SUDA51’s eccentric design, beginning with a retro stylised monitor asking you to configure your save data through virtual F Keys on the Touch Screen before refusing to give the player any indication of how to start playing the game. Only upon tapping our friend the professor will the game react, and immediately the fourth wall is broken. The player is not playing a game, but responding directly to that which is asked of him or her. Contact then takes things an inch further, reminding the player that it is in fact a game, and that the conversation they just had was one of entirely predetermined consequence.

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PS360WII4940d ago

Yeah this game is a forgotten gem on the DS :(

4939d ago

Grasshopper Manufacture teases 'something' for June 2023

Grasshopper Manufacture, known for its work on No More Heroes and Killer is Dead, is teasing something major for 15 June 2023.

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FreeckyCake175d ago

Shadows of the Damned PC port, please!

Venoxn4g175d ago

Shadows of the Damned, Black Knight Sword, Lollipop Chainsaw, Killer is Dead????


No More Heroes Developer Grasshopper Manufacture Teases "Something" Likely at Summer Game Fest

Today Grasshopper Manufacture has launched a teaser website with a countdown hinting that "something's gonna happen" in approximately 71 days.

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gangsta_red245d ago

I know there's no way this would happen but i would love to see a sequel to Killer Is Dead.


No More Heroes III interview with Goichi Suda - creating the series’ finale, ports, & more

No More Heroes III came to new platforms earlier this month with the release of PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (Steam) versions, so Gematsu sat down with No More Heroes series creator and Grasshopper Manufacture founder Goichi “Suda 51” Suda to discuss the game’s new elements, creating the series’ finale, if it’s really the series’ finale, PlayStation and Xbox versions of the first two games, and more.

Fist4achin399d ago

It would be cool to have more Shadows of the Damned. That's still my favorite game from him.