PlayStation Vita’s Future – Bring us the Games, and Wipe Away the Past

Analog Addiction writes: "The PlayStation Vita has been on store shelves for almost 18 months, in that time the beautiful handheld has been critically praised for its hardware design. The first ever portable console to have dual analog sticks, has proven it is a competent piece of technology. However with a second E3 showing where original games for the system were in short supply, many Vita owners and consumers wanting to purchase the Vita continue to ask. Where are the games?

Sony is focusing on their next generation hardware, but is it at the sacrifice of the Vita itself? Today PlayStation Vita aficionado Jamie Briggs and Vlad Pintea, who has not yet been sold on Sony’s handheld, have come together to speak about Vita’s future.

Does Vita still have a chance to succeed? What needs to be done to sell the hardware? And more importantly, where are the games?"

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GribbleGrunger3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

I think this is probably the best response to this article:


The lies need to stop.

Jamiex663995d ago

Going to assume you didn't read the article? Because we actually state their are games on the Vita, but some choices Sony decide to make when releasing the games are questionable.

GribbleGrunger3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

"However with a second E3 showing where original games for the system were in short supply, many Vita owners and consumers wanting to purchase the Vita continue to ask. Where are the games?"

I showed the games.

justastranger103995d ago

There are still no games I would buy the Vita for. There still needs to be that special system seller. Haven't seen it yet.

GribbleGrunger3995d ago

Then the Vita isn't for you and you'd be better off buying a 3DS. It's that simple.

Xof3995d ago

Sony operates differently from Nintendo or Microsoft. They don't rely on single massive IPs to be system sellers.

They rely and always have relied on offering diverse libraries of quality titles.

The Vita is not lacking games at the moment, it's lacking a diverse library of quality titles. And... that should be zero surprise to anyone. It takes time to accumulate the kind of library Sony relies on. The PS1, PS2, PSP and PS3 all took a while to get going. If Sony supports the Vita, it will eventually gather up a sizable library of good games.

...And that's why Vita owners are upset--Sony does not seem to be supporting the Vita at all. Instead of focusing on unique games or experiences for the console, they seem intent on turning it into a WiiU gamepad for the PS4, or a portable alternative to the Playstation 3--neither of which are sufficient to support an entire platform.

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Jamiex663995d ago

Again if you read the actual article itself, you will understand what we mean.

HammadTheBeast3995d ago

I like the Bioshock Infinite inspired headline lol.

WalterWJR3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

These games are all well and good but the only title here that has any real selling power is probably tearaway.

I don't see Sony bringing any AAA games to the vita anymore and quite frankly is a bit worrying.

I have always stuck up for the vita but thought we would see a lot more at E3 and feel like the system is now being left behind in terms of stand alone support.

Hozi3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

Right now, if the Vita can play all ps4 games via remote play. I won't have any complaints for now nut about the Vita, I wanted the FFX/FFX-2 HD collection to included extra bosses and missions.

3-4-53995d ago

It's not that it has no games.

It's games appeal to niche audiences though. The Vita doesn't have many mass appeal games and some of the games it has just aren't that great.

It's lacking 2-3 amazing games, 1-2 more addicting games, another JRPG, and maybe a FPS or platformer that are all 8.5 an above games.

It has some solid games that I would definitely play, whenever I get a Vita ( Late 2014-2015 ).

Handhelds usually take about 2-3 years for good games to start getting released on the regular so I'm expecting to hear some GREAT Vita news throughout 2014.

The Vita will be solid in the long term, but for now I'm loving my 3DS, and eventually I'll have a nice collection of Vita games to go with that in the future finally.

rpd1233995d ago

The problem there is that they get absolutely no exposure unless people are looking for them. The average person who was checking out E3 news most likely saw jack shit about the Vita. And it's getting almost no AAA titles at this point. That's not a good thing.

3995d ago
bjmartynhak3995d ago

As most of them are indies. This is a fact.

Well, as much as I like indie games, when almost the new ones are indies, you start to realize that they look all similar: sad and introspective or extremely colourful.

I can't really complain, because I already have a nice backlog to play (I really don't find many opportunities to play beyond home).

I have pre-ordered Jak&Daxter HD, Batman, Tearaway, Killzone and Rayman Legends. These are enough AAA games to keep people busy for a quite a good time, but we don't have more AAA games on the horizon and it bothers people. Maybe at Gamescom?

After Levine saying that Sony only need to sign the check for Bioshock Vita, who knows? 2 AAA fps could really help the sales.

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George Sears3995d ago

Am I the only one that prefers indie games to be played on the Vita? Games like Limbo, Guacamelee (which I purchased and play on my Vita) just seem perfect for the handheld imo.

Those games are simple (well Limbo is a bit clever at times), fun and just on point if you're on your way to work taking the train like I do. I can't wait for The Walking Dead (which I already have on PS3 but will purchase on Vita when it shows up).

A game like Journey, (although technically not indie) wow, I would love a port. Buy Flower for Vita people, hopefully they will bring Journey as well.

Jamiex663995d ago

I do agree those games are great on the Vita, it would be great if we got those quality titles that were on found on Vita. Everything you mentioned in found somewhere else, if a gamer has a PS3 and can play those games on the console, why would he invest in an entire new handheld to play the same library?

Mutant Blobs Attack and Lumines are two great examples of extremely fun, bite-sized games exclusive to Vita. We need more of them :)

Hadoukameha3995d ago

Well, we need more big games as well. Last of Us Vita prequel anyone? At least some ports, even 3DS got Street Fighter 4.

Ult iMate3995d ago

Show me, how you play PS3 outside the house.
With Vita I'm not stuck infront of my TV. I can play wherever I want.

LOGICWINS3995d ago

Assuming its $199, I'll be getting that TWD bundle.

Loki863995d ago

I'll wait for the price to drop pick up Persona 4 and use the remote play feature, really all I need it for till FF type-0 is translated.

Firan3995d ago

Type-0 would be a must have game for me to buy a Vita.

PositiveEmotions3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

What does n4g stand for anyways?

tachy0n3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

News 4 Gnomes :D

Williamson3995d ago

I own 16 quality titles for the vita with gravity rush,ac liberation, uncharted, rayman being a few so those who say it doesnt have any good games are just trolling.