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Kamiya Jokes That Fans Asking For Bayonetta 2 On PS3 Should Also Ask For Zelda

Platinum says the only way Bayonetta 2 will hit 360/PS3 is if Nintendo publishes it for those platforms.

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Community4020d ago
Lovable4020d ago

Ok goodluck with the sales then.

NYC_Gamer4020d ago

Well, to be honest the first one didn't sale enough for SEGA to even worry about publishing a sequel.

Lovable4020d ago

Well they shouldn't release a broken product.

abzdine4020d ago

i disliked Bayonetta very much and i have no interest in this one. but yes as mentionned above good luck with the sales!
but sooner or later Wii U will drop price so Bayonetta freaks can go get one to try this game:)

Wii U and PS4 best combo this gen

Greatness awaits

Mr_Nuts4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )


Yeah you have a point, people keep saying "Oh but it didn't do well Nintendo saved it" but forget that SEGA should of done a better job at marketing and PG should of done a better job at making sure the game was polished. The PS3 version was a mess apparently

Nintendo arn't doing this for fans, they are doing it because they saw a game that started development and never got published and knew they needed more 3rd party software on their console. This will do terrible in terms of sales and Nintendo will let it go, you'll not see them funding Bayonetta 3 I'll tell you that

IcyEyes4020d ago

If they are happy ... I'm happy for them.

I never liked bayonetta ... I mean, she looks pretty "lame" to me, but with this new hairstyle she only get worst.

LOL_WUT4019d ago

This game is soo off my radar I don't even know anyone who likes Bayonnetta 2 except for the Nintendo fanboys who seem to be the only ones hyping it up. ;)

The guy still has time to port it over if he even wants the game to sell ;)

Blacklash934019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

@ Mr. Nuts

What's done is done with the original Bayonetta. SEGA screwed up with it and it just so happened Nintendo thought it might be worthwhile to publish a sequel for the sake of the hardcore audience. If you're going to say "Nintendo is just doing it for business" you should realize every company does the same thing and to say otherwise is a double standard. The only thing that really matters is that Nintendo was willing to support a sequel where others would not.

Honestly it's hard to say if the PS3 port affected sales much, I mean Bayonetta is very niche and quirky, and quality isn't necessarily going to strongly mitigate that it doesn't appeal to most. The game was well-advertised as far as awareness went and advertising it in a rather honest fashion may not have done it any favors.

And to clarify about the sales, the game did sell well over a million, but that wasn't enough for SEGA or the budget the game was made on, apparently.

But how about stop howling against the wind and just support and wish the best for the game? That's the only thing we can do now.

Realplaya4019d ago

@ Lol you troll every damn Nintendo article but it's funny because you go on articles and pull a flip flop move and praise the company like a rabid fanboy. Dude or Female whichever you are pick a side and stay there please. Right now you look foolish.

ChickeyCantor4019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )


"The guy still has time to port it over if he even wants the game to sell ;)"

You really don't get it do you? The Zelda remark implies that it is and ALWAYS will be a Nintendo exclusive. It's tied to their contract. Nintendo funded the project so they claimed royalty.

PopRocks3594019d ago

That and the first Bayonetta didn't sell well across the 360 or the PS3.

Also if anyone else is stupid enough to bring up how bad the PS3 port of the first game was, it wasn't even made by Platinum Games. It was outsourced to another developer entirely.

akaihana86plus4018d ago

@Realplaya, be careful because if you don't agree with his troll comments he might start PM ing you and ask you to block him if you don't like what you see, believe me, personal experience, he even had the nerve to call me shemale?! lol, what a clown

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CarlosX3604020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

I want a Zelda title on PS3/PS4, but not a single developer will get the whole Zelda feel down to the littlest detail (or better). Sometimes, I wish Nintendo was a third party developer...

Lord_Sloth4020d ago

If I had a dev team, I could do it!

dragonyght4020d ago

close to a zelda title is 3d dot game heroes

jcnba284019d ago

I wish sony was a third party developer :/

browngamer414019d ago

@ dragon Rocks

Umm yeah no thanks, I wasted 60 dollars on Darksiders 2 when i bought my WiiU because I was led to believe it was very similar to Zelda in game play style.Would be totally true if Zelda consited of nothing but ball rolling and robot thingy puzzles and samey bland boring dungeons-As a huge Zelda fan I'm here to tell you this game(dk2) is nothing like Zelda except for overworld/dungeon structure and it's not like rpgs haven't been doing that for years..

ChickeyCantor4019d ago

"Play Darksiders games."

Not even close...Seriously.

WiiUsauce4019d ago

Okami is the closest you can get to an amazing Zelda game on other consoles. Seriously, GO PLAY OKAMI, YOU CAN GET IT FOR 20 BUCKS REMASTERED IN HD ON PS3!!!! DO IT NOW!!!! IT IS ONE OF THE GREATEST GAMES YOU'LL EVER PLAY, TRUST ME!! ESPECIALLY IF YOU LIKE ZELDA! Sorry, I just can't recommend Okami enough. I love that game so much.

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plaZeHD4020d ago

Agreed. The Playstation 3 version was a mess, and most of the audiences of the game were Playstation fans.

allgamespc20124020d ago

ya cause the first one sold so well right? it sold so well nintendo had to save the franchise. itll sell more on wii u than it did on ps3 and deadbox combined

jcnba284020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

LOL watch Bayo 2 sell more copies on Wii U than Bayo 1 did on ps3 or 360.

Prime_284019d ago

I wouldn't be surprised the game looks great.

Munnkyman4019d ago

I think after this last e3 people are going to get the games. Seems great and it was nintendos top view video on youtube from e3

_QQ_4019d ago

You know its up to Nintendo because they funded the game right?,So you are asking Nintendo to give up an exclusive, something no company would ever do for free.Think before you hate.

BullyMangler4019d ago

it seems they are after something much bigger more important rather saLes.

The gLory of exclusives.