Ubisoft Joke About Xbox Ones Always Connected Kinect

After the kinect has been confirmed that it must be always connected, Ubisoft's facebook page posted a Watch_Dogs based screenshot of a camera angle that looks like it would be under the TV, facing the couch...


it seems not many people can see the image, here is a mirror link provided:

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US8F3830d ago

Haha, it is Watch dogs screen but you couldn't run it past them that they made this scene after finding out about kinect functionality. Brilliant!

Blackdeath_6633830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

they took the picture down i was thinking about this since MS's conference wouldn't it be cool if ubisoft put an easter egg in the game where you can hack someone's kinect.

i can't find the picture anywhere thank god he put it as a thumbnail http://s2.n4g.com/media/11/...

minimur123830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

its still there...


everyone happy with my submission? haha :D

JokesOnYou3830d ago Show
Blackdeath_6633830d ago

for those saying its still there i can't view it for whatever reason. nevermind probably just on my end. anyhow it would still be pretty hilarious to hack into someone's internet connection in watch dogs and see a family of people dancing around infront of a camera in the living room

indysurfn3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

I bet there will be a vba reference I can add to excel to take control of a Kinect as a webcam! I can't wait it would be the ONLY reason for me to buy a xboxone to catch fools on cam! hmmmmmm LOL there is already a reference for vba for yahoo and webcams! Has been for some time. There is also a function to NOT turn on the webcam light when you activate the webcam!

wait until Microsoft turns off xboxone servers and THEN people realize they bought a paper weight that they cant trade in! because I can play Daytona on a old dreamcast that had internet connection. But with xboxone once the servers get turned off (or attacked) the xboxone will not allow you to play your games, even with the disc in the drive! hurray for Microsoft 'features' you guys, hurray! This will FORCE millions to upgrade to xbox two!!! instantly hurray, we own you fools, even your games thanks for the memories, because you wont be replaying, err reliving them.

theBAWSE3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

@jokesonyou ....the joke really is on you if you think its just Sony fanboys are up in arms ...GAMERS are taking it seriously nomatter console preference because Microsoft's greed knows no bounds and if they succeed in this scambox gaming will be tarnished as we know it

its mindless ms 'clowns' like you why Microsoft feel they can get away with this bull

OrangePowerz3830d ago

I find it funny :)

But I also find it questionable to have a camera always staring at you that you can turn completely off but not disconnect. Maybe you are from America but here in europe we have actual privacy rights. :)

abzdine3830d ago

i dont have a FB account for the same reason as xbox one crap. I dont wanna be watched 247

4Sh0w3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

What are you talking about? Xbox One will be here for the next 10+ years easily before they might look at moving on(stop selling them), do you know what the cloud will be like what storage services will be available, of course these games will be nothing more than a simple login away probably playable on any device caple of running and downloading them from microsoft game website with a proper code or gamertag given out by microsoft for offline play when they no longer make X1 similar to how old nintendo, sega etc games can be played now, its all digital software just remove the encryption or license code. The internet isnt going anywhere you know.

I dont think you guys are serious about the camera, might of been an issue before we knew that you can turn it off. Plus all the privacy settings micro outlined, plus you could unplug it if you are paranoid.

Pro Racer3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

LOL nice one Ubisoft, this is great! Watch Dogs looks good so far, looking forward to playing it on PC.

TheItalianStallion3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

Kinect will be a game changer on Xbox One. Developers will implement exclusive features on the Xbox1 because Kinect is included and third party ports will be more superior than those on the PS4. Imagine playing a shooting game where your voice can give instant command to your teammates and you can use your arm motion to throw a bomb or change weapon in real time. I know I will be making a great choice in buying a xbox one.

MysticStrummer3830d ago

@Jokes - You know it's not just Sony fanboys who are up in arms about several aspects of the One.

Pretending otherwise just proves you're the same type of fanboy that you're trying to make fun of.

OrangePowerz3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )


Jep you are right Kinect is a game changer for MS, just like the DRM is a game changer for MS. Just not in a good way. I hope you are just being sarcastic :)

Shouting at the TV and waving arms around doesn't make the games superior. I can press a button amd change in real time the weapons. ME3 you could give commands with voice commands, did that make the 360 version better? Don't remember any review that was praising how great and useful the feature was. My wife would ask me what the hell I'm doing and if I went insane if I would talk to my TV.

JokesOnYou3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

Nope Mystic. You are confused, xbox fans like me have legit complaints about X1 for various personal reasons/views although I can't speak for every xbox fan I do have eyes and by and large they are NOT "up in arms", lol I remember that term a lot with every recent COD vs the next Battlefield, yeah we know how that turned out....you just don't get it do you the fanboys always scream the loudest, meanwhile 77mil xbox owners who are happy with it aren't like me and you on gaming sites discussing/hating on X1. Just use n4g as an example, the vast majority of n4g members prior to the X1 reveal who supported 360 continue to at least sound as if they are either going to buy a X1 or are open minded until E3, vice versa 100% of those who trolled 360 threads day in and day out, guess what now they troll X1 threads. In fact I challenge you to name names that say otherwise, then look at their history (lol no new accounts please)= Whats changed? Seriously we are both glaring examples of this specific point. I mean seriously the divide is almost identical, what does that imply, well its simple logic/math/deductive reasoning= most xbox fans have complaints but overall like and will buy the X1, the same sonyfanboys will continue to hate, you watch, bookmark this post for the first launch day/week/first year sales. -Well hold on before I get ahead of myself the ONLY, I mean ONLY thing that would blow my prediction out of the water is >>IF<< micro are complete idiots and comes with nothing but medicore Kinect kiddie games at E3.

Don't hate me because I'm right.

Statix3830d ago

Well, I'm a "Playstation fanboy" and I really couldn't care less about the Kinect spying on people, because I don't ever plan on getting one anyway.

ravens523830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

Isnt X1 comcasts new and improved tv box...the one and only X1 lol...

nix3830d ago

hahaha... that facebook comments have people making jokes about xbox1.

Godmars2903830d ago


How about pitying you because you're rambling?

Honestly, from what little I could decipher from your last wall of text comment was that you either have or don't want any understanding of the situation. That out of the 77 million Xbox 360 owners you mention, if they were directly moved over to the Xb1 half of them wouldn't be able to use the system. Not for games anyway.

Yes people are worried about Xb1. But we're also worried about the PS4. Where MS's PR has multiply mangled their message, Sony's been been generally quite while repeating the same vague but positive statements. Still, once their plans become clear they're going to likely catch flack for them.

Certainly they're going to take hits from the likes of you if only for spite, but if they cross the line with their camera or banning used games, pushing the blame onto publishers like MS is now trying to do, I'll be right there with you. So will other Sony "fanboys".

MysticStrummer3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

@Jokes - I wouldn't hate you for being right, but since you're not it's all good.

Yes, plenty of longtime MS supporters are up in arms. Deny it all you want.

I'm talking about multiple gaming sites other than N4G, and even non-gaming sites that have gaming threads in their forums.

MS has lost a lot of supporters with the One's design and policies, and a huge group of people who bought a 360 won't buy a One because of the internet requirement alone.

DragonKnight3830d ago

There is a cartoon whose opening theme describes the Xbox 1 perfectly. In the first few seconds before the word Hope. Who would have guessed that a cartoon that was new when the original Xbox was would so accurately describe Microsoft's Xbox One and their policies.


TheItalianStallion3830d ago

Don't worry about these Jokers [no pun intended], JokesOnYou, after Monday, 1/2 of these clowns will not show their faces again on this site. PS4 will implement the same DRM restriction as the Xbox 1 and they will back in their dungeon again. Killzone= Pretty looking linear game, but boring series. Club Drive = Please, Forza 5 will crush that game.

Xbox 1, please take my money now.

monkey nuts3830d ago

Lol the Italian stallion joined n4g 14 hours ago. Looks like we know where the ms shills that got banned from gaf decided to tow the company line. Wtf is wrong wid you peeples.

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Psn8003830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

Great joke hehahaha .

Nuvian3830d ago


I'm quite sure that people planing to buy the Xbox one are a lot more worried about this issue then the Sony fanboys you mentioned.

Narutone663830d ago

People who are planning to buy the xbox 1 are probably developers and publishers.

RedHawkX3830d ago

wasnt it ubisoft one of the devs that wanted all this drm crap? they better not try and act like it wasnt.

ubisoft, activision, and ea are the three wanting that drm crap. destroy them!

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sAVAge_bEaST3830d ago

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